What is Your Company’s Tolerance for Lack of Attendance?

Remember the days when you could discipline your employees for being late or not showing up without much thought? During that same time, employees often understood that it was a performance standard to show up on time to work or give appropriate notice in the rare case of an emergency.

However, behavioral and cultural shifts have impacted how consistently some employees arrive at the workplace. At the same time, in an economic sense, many managers are struggling with finding a pool of qualified employees at any given time, so releasing employees based on their attendance has become a tough decision.

Absenteeism Has Real Consequences

While this may have become a bigger issue in more recent years, industry leaders all agree that excessive absenteeism has huge consequences in the workplace. It creates disarray and dysfunction in the office, confusion on performance expectations, among other issues.

These issues are compounded by the fact that many employers are feeling the pinch with fewer potential candidates to choose from if they have to let one go because of attendance.

Motivate Your Employees to Improve Attendance

Many employers have implemented attendance bonus programs to motivate workers to show up on time consistently. Consider how these ideas may help your office function more smoothly.

  • Cash bonus for a year of perfect attendance
  • Longer lunch break for regularly punctual employees
  • Free, paid day off for employees with a perfect attendance for a set period of time
  • Office lottery that allows cash or time off for employees with good attendance records

How to Successfully Start and Implement Attendance Incentive Program

If you feel one of these solutions may help improve the functionality and productivity in the office, it’s time to think about how to implement it successfully.

First, meet with other managers and supervisors to gather insights and opinions on an attendance incentive program. Once that is determined, it’s important to draft an official policy document to be distributed to employees.

Finally, be sure everyone understands the terms and obtain signatures before starting the program officially.

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