Are You Understaffed? Here are Some Tips for Managing

A common headache for human resources professionals is keeping an office running smoothly with the right amount of employees to not be overstaffed or understaffed. More often, managers have a harder time keeping an adequate number of employees hired to keep up with work. 

Unfortunately, being understaffed can cause major issues for the workplace and your employees.

4 Problems Caused by Being Understaffed

It’s important to try to find qualified talent for your open positions as soon as you can to avoid these issues and risks associated with being understaffed.

Increased Illnesses or Injuries

When your current employees have to pick up the extra work of open positions, they become overworked and rundown. This can lead to them getting sick and needing to take time off. Even worse, the exhausted and overworked employee could be injured on the job.

Missed Deadlines

There is an increased likelihood for missing deadlines when employees are stretched thin with too many additional responsibilities. Missing deadlines can be a product of forgetfulness due to a lack of a clear focus. It can also be because of just not having the time to get to everything because the workplace is too understaffed.

Decreased Customer Satisfaction

Obviously, with a decrease in worker performance or missing deadlines, customers will likely be less satisfied with the work your office produces. Unfortunately, this can cause a major issue for customer satisfaction and retention.  

Increase of Expenses

When an office is understaffed, it can take longer to complete jobs and projects. More time on projects costs the company money and also eliminates the opportunity for new business. The longer an office remains understaffed, the more money it may lose.

4 Ways a Staffing Agency Can Help You Avoid Being Understaffed

A staffing agency can be an effective partner to avoid being understaffed. Here are four reasons you should work with your local staffing agency.

You’ll Save Time

A lot of time goes into the recruitment and hiring process. Between crafting the perfect job description, posting it on appropriate job sites, reviewing applications, and interviewing, it can take an average of 23 days of work to make a hire. Add that time to your other job responsibilities, and there’s hardly enough time to do both your daily tasks and everything that comes with hiring a new employee. 

Working with a staffing agency means that they are completely dedicated to all matters that recruit and hire new employees. Think of all that time you will save and can focus on your other projects.

You’ll Get Qualified Candidates

Staffing agencies are actually the experts at finding qualified candidates. They understand the industry you work in, the trends, and the skills that are required for successful workers. This gives them an edge at finding the most qualified, available candidates. When you partner with a staffing agency, you will create a relationship, and they will not only be able to recruit for a qualified candidate but also one that will fit within your company culture. 

You’ll Save Money

There’s a misconception that working with a staffing agency can be too expensive for a company. However, a lot of time and money goes into the recruitment, hiring, and onboarding processes, and unfortunately, there is still a high chance of making a bad hire. This is a costly mistake that can be avoided with the help of a staffing agency. Working with one can decrease employee turnover, allowing you to save money in the long run.

You’ll Onboard Talent Faster

When you have to balance recruiting and hiring responsibilities with your other duties, it takes longer to make anything happen. Fortunately, when you partner with a staffing agency, this will make it possible to recruit, hire, and onboard new talent faster. Since your staffing agency partner will be dedicated to finding the best candidates, and it’s their main job, you will have qualified candidates ready to start at your company faster than if you tried to do it all alone.

Work with Professionals to Hire Workers When You Need Them

To avoid dealing with understaffing issues, especially for long periods of time, contact Expert Staffing.

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