Don’t Sike Yourself Out for an Interview by Over Preparing

Every job seeker should take steps to properly prepare for a job interview. From brushing up on possible interview questions to researching the company, there are many ways to boost your confidence and impress at the interview.

However, over-preparing for your interview can cause nearly the same amount of damage and not preparing at all. When candidates over-prepare, they tend to come across as too scripted, phony, or ingenuine. Another issue is that in anticipation of the next question or your answer, you may not correctly hear what the interviewer wants to discuss. Obviously, this type of over-preparation could make you bomb the interview.

Prepare for Your Interview Without Being Scripted

Follow these simple points to prepare for your interview without taking it too far and blowing the interview because of being over-prepared.

Consider Your Experience in the Context of Common Interview Questions

Lookup a few common interview questions, then consider how your experience fits into them. Jot down a few notes and bullet points to keep handy during your interview. This can help you remember important points but not be too scripted.

Reflect on Your Professional Story

Take some time to think about your career. Think about it chronologically. Recall your accomplishments. Think about what you learned at your previous employers. Brainstorm about your future goals. The more you can reflect on and understand your own professional story, the more you can naturally insert it into your responses during the interview. 

Remember to Stay “P-I-E”

If you’re over-prepared, constantly thinking about what question may come next, you won’t be able to relax and be your best self for the interview. For the interview, it’s better to stay positive, interested, and engaged than to focus too much on what may happen next! By staying in the moment, you can showcase the “P-I-E” qualities while just being yourself.

Get Properly Prepared for Your Next Job Interview

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