Has COVID Killed the Traditional Office?

Even though it’s been over a year since the COVID-19 pandemic began, the workspace of most businesses has yet to return to normal. But for many employers and employees alike, that’s quite alright.

Remote work began as safety measures to “slow the spread,” but after a longer bout of staying home, much of the workforce that moved to remote office space is staying that way.

Important Insights About the Workplace Evolution During COVID

As most workplace issues go, the best advice is what makes the most sense for your business. The many variables of the COVID-19 nature have complicated workplace decisions even more. From federal to state to local restrictions, each company has to not only consider the input of their employees but also those of the government when deciding how and where to operate.

Here are some insights from managers across the country.

Balance Productivity & Breaks

Productivity has increased since moving the workforce remotely. Encourage your employees to take quick, frequent breaks throughout the day. This will help them balance the increased workload and possible overexposure to computer screens. 

Be Open to Flex Space

Even if your office decides to work remotely, you should consider bringing people together for certain occasions or instances. Events like crucial client meetings, or to facilitate important collaboration are a couple of reasons why companies decide to bring their employees together, even if they’ve stayed remote for over a year. 

Communication is More Important than Ever

In a hybrid or fully remote office, communication may be easily accessible, but that doesn’t mean it’s always effective. Managers and workers must be mindful of how communication is being conducted. Sometimes too frequent communications, thanks to the many options, can be overkill and demotivating. Managers have also found that a traditional phone call is preferred every once in a while over another video meeting. 

Be sure to ask your team for feedback frequently. Gather input on everything from daily tasks to working arrangements and preferences. 

Find Qualified Employees to Strengthen Your Team

No matter what environment the pandemic forces you to work in, you need a strong team. Contact Expert Staffing to find the best candidates for your positions.

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