Having a Bad Week? Here are Some Tips to Get in a Better Head Space

As much as we would like to leave our personal life outside the office, it doesn’t always happen. Triggers from your personal life, or even issues going on in the office can affect your head space. 

We all know the best workers are those that have a more positive frame of mind. They’re more productive and their positivity even spreads to the rest of their team. Even the most upbeat and motivated workers can fall into a slump. If that happens to you, consider these options for getting back into better head space.

3 Ways to Get Out of a Negative Head Space Slump

To help conquer a bad week, consider these tips.

Write it Out

You don’t have to be creative, but some experts recommend writing out your feelings. Sometimes the exercise of writing out how you’re feeling, why you may be frustrated, or anything else on your mind can have the same cleansing effect as venting to a friend. It’s also important to write it out instead of complaining to your coworkers, which can spread the negativity or make matters worse.

Ask Yourself Questions

Turn your thoughts into questions to help you explore root causes of your feelings and issues so you can tackle the problem. The sooner you can confront the problem, if it is within your control, the faster you can get back to the positive employee that your managers want.

Get Outside

Oftentimes, a quick break to walk outside is enough to help employees reset and refocus. The physical space away from your desk is a little stress reliever that can help you regain motivation to finish out your tasks on a high note.

Get a Job that Excites You

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