Don’t Let Fear Stop You from Finding Happiness

A shift in careers is known to be one of the most stressful situations you can endure in your life. Whoah! This even applies to when you willfully make the change. So it’s no surprise that your natural instinct of fear may be the only thing holding you back from a job switch.

On the other hand, just because there’s a reasonable amount of fear in making a change in your job, doesn’t mean that A) you should let it stop you or B) that it has to be as stressful.

It’s OK to Have Doubts, Concerns, and Fears

In fact, it’s more than OK – it’s healthy. Again, this means that you and your body understand that trying something new is risky and therefore needs to be thought through carefully. That’s fine! Allow yourself to understand the magnitude of your decisions. Here’s how to do that in a healthy and productive way.

Write Down Your Fears

Give your worries some credit and explore them.

  • Will I make enough money?
  • What if I hate my new job?
  • This could be a mistake that sets me back in my career and livelihood.

Seek Counsel from a Great

You don’t even have to get on a phone or computer. Seek the advice of someone you admire, through the power of your imagination. Take a few breaths, clear your mind a bit and consider what they may tell you about your concerns. No doubt, you’ll end up a little bit motivated.

Translate the Positivity into Action

Once you’ve imagined what the mentor in your mind would advise you, it’s time to make scenarios and plans so you know how to address these fears again when they return (because they will). 

By understanding how to rationalize your fears, you will remove much of the anxiety that is holding you back from finding a job that is new, different, and allows you to grow. Sure, it can be scary, but a well-planned venture can also be one of the most rewarding ones you ever make.

Find Success and Happiness in a New Job

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