3 Reasons Your Employees Aren’t Showing Up to Work

Did you know that not every PTO day is taken because of being sick or taking vacation? Unfortunately, employees sometimes use their PTO just to get a break from the workplace. While this isn’t considered unhealthy behavior if it’s a rare occurrence, managers should begin problem-solving if this is happening often.

3 Reasons Why Your Employees Are Staying Home From Work

If your employee attendance is suffering, consider these reasons so you can improve your company culture, attendance, and productivity.

Your Employees Don’t Feel Engaged

It’s important to make your employees feel engaged at work. When they build connections in the office, it adds value to the work they do. They feel part of a team, and they understand that when they show up and do their best work, they play an important part in the company’s success. Evaluate how you encourage engagement among your employees and whether or not you can do anything else to help your team feel valued.

Your Workers Don’t Know When to Stop Working

Yes, there is definitely such a thing as working too much. While every manager knows that employees need a healthy work-life balance in order to be successful, healthy, and happy in the long term, it may not always be communicated effectively. Be sure your workers understand that you value their efforts in the office just as much as you recognize that their personal time is important. 

If you absolutely have to reach out to an employee after their normal work hours, keep it to only emergency situations or let them know in the subject line of the email that this can wait until morning. Just because you may want to work outside of the office doesn’t mean that your employees should feel like they need to as well.

Your Employees Don’t Hear Anything Positive From You

A manager who builds a strong, motivated team is one who communicates regularly. Be sure that you talk to your team about what they are doing well, about how they feel at work, about their goals, etc.; don’t just talk to them when something is wrong. When employees only hear negativity or scolding from their leaders, it diminishes their morale and creates a hostile work environment. Reach out and connect with your employees about more than just mistakes to help create a healthy office environment.

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