4 Red Flags During an Interview that a Job Isn’t Meant for You

Not every job is the right job for you. During the job search, you may be tempted to apply to any job and see what happens. While this isn’t necessarily the worst way to find the right job, it may not be the best. On the other hand, you may be very careful and calculated when applying for a job. Regardless of which approach you take, it’s always exciting to land an interview.

While you worry about preparing for your interview (and yes, you should prepare in the usual ways), it’s also important to consider some of the things you don’t want in your next job. Take a few minutes to think about what some of your deal breakers may be. You may very well see red flags about them in your interview, and you need to be able to recognize them.

4 Red Flags to Notice During a Job Interview

Depending on what your deal breakers are, these are some common red flags you may see during an interview.

They say there will be plenty of opportunities for overtime.

Extra opportunities for cash? Awesome! But sometimes, when a company says that those opportunities are plentiful, it means they are understaffed. You could be looking at a situation where you’re basically always working overtime.

They want to know too much about your personal life.

You should be prepared to share a little bit about your personal life; it’s usually a good ice breaker to share something basic about yourself. But if you feel like the interviewer is asking too many questions about your personal life or you feel uncomfortable by the types of questions, trust your gut and end the interviewing process. 

The employees look bummed out or lethargic.

Everyone has a tiring day, but everyone at once? That’s probably not a coincidence. If you notice that nearly every employee you see or interact with looks like the workday couldn’t end faster, then it probably doesn’t have a good culture. 

They evade questions about pay, hours, or growth opportunities.

It’s true that some companies wait until an offer to discuss final pay, but they should not ignore the subject completely. If you need to know, ask them to give you a ballpark answer. After all, these are important questions, and you don’t want to waste their time with any more interviews if it isn’t a job you can accept.

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