Wearing Several Hats Due to Employee Turnover?

Wearing Several Hats Due to Employee Turnover? | Expert Staffing

If you’ve recently lost an employee, you know what it’s like to have an increase in workload. As a manager, it’s helpful if you take on some of the work so the rest of your employees don’t absorb it all and get demotivated or stressed out.

Unfortunately, while you have your normal responsibilities and priorities, then you take on some of the employee’s work who left, you’ll still have to also add the important task of finding a new employee to bring on your team. Here are some ways you can manage it all, temporarily, without burning out.

4 Strategies to Manage Extra Work While Finding a Replacement

Prioritize Tasks

Any time there’s a lot of work on your plate, it’s important to make your priorities so you stay focused. This is especially true when you have to add extra work. Understand that in the beginning, things may seem very hectic, but with some organization, you’ll be able to handle the extra responsibilities without much problem. The key is to prioritize by importance and by deadlines. If you’re unsure about these issues, ask other members of management or your team.

Delegate to Cater to Strengths

When one (or more) employee leaves your team, there may be quite a bit of slack that needs to be picked up. While you will take some of their work, it’s also important to delegate some work to other members of the team. But do it thoughtfully. Give tasks or responsibilities that fit the strengths of others so work can be done effectively and efficiently.

Focus on One Thing at a Time

Ignore the urge to multitask. While you may want to do as much as you can at once, feeling like you’ll be more productive, you will actually get less done. When you focus on each task, you will get them done faster and the satisfaction of completing it will only motivate you to continue to conquer your responsibilities.

Work with a Staffing Agency

Partnering with a staffing agency is a truly efficient way to find the right replacement for your team. A staffing agency will work to make sure they find a candidate who not only is qualified for the job but you will help them find the one who also fits the culture of your company. They have a pool of local talent that is ready to work right away. When you have extra to focus on to meet customer needs, let a staffing agency handle finding the right employees to add to your team.

Find Staff to Fill Your Open Positions

Contact Expert Staffing to help you make new hires so you can get back to your regular priorities.

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