Recruitment Tips to Hire Pickers and Packers

Recruitment Tips to Hire Pickers and Packers | Pirate Staffing

Is there ever a season when you can take a break from recruiting? Even if it’s not a top priority or urgent need, a manager should keep recruiting efforts going in the background so they don’t have to scramble when the need arises.

3 Ways to Recruit Skilled Pickers & Packers

As a manager who’s in charge of recruitment, you’re doing a lot of recruiting and hiring tasks. From using staffing agencies to building an online presence to attract job seekers, your responsibilities are varied. These three reminders can help you find pickers and packers for your warehouse when you need them.

Encourage Employee Referrals

When employees are encouraged to make quality referrals for open positions, it often leads to a good find. Your team wants a new hire to positively contribute, so an employee won’t recommend someone they think will bring down productivity or morale. Plus, when your employees feel like they are contributing to the overall success of the company a little bit more, it’s motivating.

Be Specific with Your Needs

When you post a job on your website, job site, or social media it’s very important that you’re as detailed and descriptive as possible. It’s frustrating to waste your time on resumes or interviews when the worker is clearly unaware of what the job would entail, but if your job description isn’t clear, that’s what can happen. Be specific so each candidate you consider for your open position isn’t too far off the mark.

Make Sure the Pay is Competitive

It’s absolutely imperative that you are ready to pay your new hires with a competitive wage. Especially with the economic stress that nearly every American is feeling these days, workers will switch to another open position for a small increase in pay. Be sure the pay you’re offering is competitive for the role and the local economy so you can attract qualified pickers and packers.

Find the Best Recruits for Your Warehouse

If it’s possible, you want to avoid being short-staffed if you can avoid it. The best way to do that is to continually monitor and refresh your recruitment efforts so you have a pulse on qualified candidates that fit your warehouse needs. If you need to find skilled and reliable pickers and packers, or other warehouse positions, contact Expert Staffing for experienced help.

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