How to Engage New Employees Before Day One

How to Engage New Employees Before Day One | Expert Staffing

When it comes to new employees, companies often don’t think about the time between when they accept the offer and when their first day on the job begins.

5 Ways to Engage New Employees Before They Start on Day One

Send a Welcome Email

Upon a candidate accepting a job offer from you, one of the first things you should do is send a welcome email (that is not a canned letter) from the CEO. When the CEO cares enough to send communication to a new hire, at any position, it shows how much the company values its workers and before your new employee does anything, they are beginning to be motivated to do their best work, thanks to this little gesture.

Share Your Company Values

You can include the company values in the welcome email, or you may choose to send it separately. Either way, pass along information about the company values, mission, and anything else important that will help your new employee understand more about the organization.

Encourage They Join in the Social Media Presence

Before they start at the company, you can also have them like and follow social media pages. Not only is this a great way for them to understand the industry and its customers, but it can also be an effective way to meet new coworkers and colleagues.

Personalize a Gift

Following up an offer with a small, personalized gift, is a wonderful way to go above and beyond to show how much you value your new hire and what they will bring to the table. A simple idea could be something they will use at their job a lot, like a notebook, a charging station, or something else that makes sense.

Invite Them to Relevant Group Chats

If you use group messaging platforms like Slack for regular communications throughout the day, go ahead and invite them to relevant employee groups. They can introduce themselves and also learn more about the relations of the team members which can help accelerate progress when they start. 

Find a Qualified Employee to Fill Your Open Positions

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