How to Build an Awesome Manufacturing Team

How to Build an Awesome Manufacturing Team | Expert Staffing

In today’s manufacturing world, a common topic is how to bridge the skills gap so you can have a strong, talented team. The younger workforce doesn’t realize the career potential of the manufacturing industry. Meanwhile, the older workers are retiring after long, successful careers. These problems can impact any manufacturing company, regardless of their size. 

To help shrink the skills gap and create a strong manufacturing team, you’ll have to consider a few different ways to combat the issues facing the industry.

How Do You Build an Awesome Manufacturing Team?

4 Ways to Retain Your Best Team Members

Before you post job openings, first consider how you are treating your current staff. Here are some ways to keep your current workers happy, motivated, and more likely to stay on board no matter what job stresses arise.

Engage Your Employees

In the manufacturing industry, there are so many advances in technology, tools, and resources. Your employees should be excited about these innovations and the best way to foster that is to provide training and continuing education opportunities for your workers. By doing this, you’ll help your employees realize the potential and excitement happening in their industry (and company). At the same time, you’ll also help strengthen the abilities of each participant. 

These training opportunities may also help your current workers to realize their own potential, motivating them to seek a promotion at your company, rather than look for work elsewhere. 

Create Goals

Many workers thrive when they are working toward a goal. In team meetings or individual check-ins, talk with your employees about setting realistic long- and short-term goals. This is not only a motivational tool to drive success, but it can also be extremely useful in the manufacturing industry where things can change and pivot relatively quickly. 

Recognize Success

Employee recognition goes a long way.  Shout out a team member for consistent good work via a company-wide email or LinkedIn post. Give an extra day of PTO for surpassing a major benchmark. There are plenty of ways to recognize the achievements of your workers. These little accolades reinforce your appreciation for your employees and help keep them motivated and feeling valued.

Provide Clarity

Encourage your workers to ask questions. If employees don’t feel like they can approach you with questions or concerns, several mistakes can occur and they may feel like it’s a harsh work environment. When a project is about to begin, call a meeting and lay everything out clearly – deadlines, expectations, metrics for success, etc. Then throughout the duration of the project, check in with your team to make sure they have all the knowledge and support they need to be successful.

An Easy Way to Find Top Talent to Build Your Manufacturing Team

One of the easiest ways to find new hires is to work with a staffing agency. They are committed to finding the best person to fit your needs and have a roster of eager candidates who are looking to start a promising career in manufacturing. 

Build a Strong Team with Expert Staffing

To find the best workers for your needs, contact Expert Staffing. They can connect you to the right type of talent to build an awesome team.

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