Ready to Be Promoted? Here is How to Properly Ask for One

Ready to Be Promoted? Here is How to Properly Ask for One | Expert Staffing

It would be a lot easier if once you felt ready for a promotion, your managers could see that as well and offer one to you. It often doesn’t work out so conveniently. Thankfully, just because you don’t receive an offer, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask for one when you feel like you’re ready.

This conversation is definitely one to prepare for, but there’s no need to stress. While it can be nerve-wracking, with some reflection and preparation, asking for a promotion doesn’t have to be too intimidating. 

Key Principles to Consider When Asking for a Promotion


  • Think about the position you want and how you’ll be the best person to help it make sense for the company’s overall objectives and success.
  • Prepare proof (with metrics) of how your performance at your current position has prepared you for this next step.
  • Ask your boss for regular feedback and be open about your aspirations to grow at the company. 


  • Assume that this will be a one-and-done discussion. You’ll often have several discussions. 
  • Play the “other offer” card unless it’s absolutely true and you’re seriously considering it. It can backfire, and it also sours relationships. 
  • Get offended or discouraged if you’re not given a promotion right away. 

4 Considerations & Tips to Consider When Asking for a Promotion

Here are a few things you should consider before approaching your boss for a promotion. 


If you’re feeling the itch for a promotion, first do some reflection. What is it that you want? More power in leadership? More money? Understanding what your professional goals are is the first step to understanding what type of promotion you want and why you may excel in the new position. During this reflective exercise, you should also consider how your goals and strengths would be beneficial to the entire company when utilized in a new position. 

Build Your Case

After you’ve decided what it is you’re looking for in your promotion, start gathering evidence of why you’re qualified for this next step. It’s important to include measurable data as much as possible but you can also collect recommendations and accolades from coworkers. These don’t have to speak directly to a promotion, but they should highlight your successes in your current role. You should also consider who you would recommend to take your place and highlight their talents. This demonstrates your commitment to growth, your leadership abilities, and your preparedness.

Consider the Timing

Before asking for a promotion, you need to consider what is happening at the company as a whole so you don’t add any unnecessary burden or come across as selfish. If the company just laid-off workers or is struggling, it’s best to hold off your conversation for a little while. On the other hand, if there is major growth happening, it may be a particularly opportune time to approach your boss about a promotion.

Ready To Be Promoted?

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