Is Your Job Board Outdated?

Is Your Job Board Outdated? | Expert Staffing

Struggling to find the types of candidates that get you excited to say, “You’re hired!”? If you’re not getting good applications, or the interviews aren’t going anywhere, maybe it’s how you’re recruiting your talent that’s the problem.

Is Your Outdated Job Board Causing Issues in Attracting Candidates?

Your Job Board is Outdated If…

  • Your job posting is dry and boring, and missing points relating to company culture, pay bracket, and benefits.
  • You’re only relying on your company website to post job openings.
  • You expect your next hire to retire from your company.

The Job Recruitment & Search Environment is Different

Recruiting employees has gone through major changes over the last few years and if you haven’t adapted, you’re not able to reach some of the most promising candidates. There are many avenues to use when finding the best new hire, and there are also more effective ways to connect and communicate with the job market that can make people want to work for your company.

Where to Post Your Jobs

Here are some places you must consider posting your open positions:

  • Your Company Website: It’s still a relevant place to post. Just make sure you utilize one or more of the other places listed as well.
  • Social Media Sites: Utilize LinkedIn and Facebook especially. You can also post about openings on Twitter or Instagram. These platforms are making things easier for hiring professionals to find the absolute best talent and even filter out some of those without the necessary qualifications. 
  • Job Search Sites: Popular sites like Indeed and ZipRecruiter are job boards with high traffic for active job seekers

How to Post Your Jobs

Not only do you need to consider updating where you post open positions, you also need to evaluate whether or not your job posts are appealing. Consider these pointers:

  • Enhance the Usual: No matter what has changed in recruiting, posting clear job descriptions that include responsibilities, skills needed, and qualifications are important. When creating this content, use active language to excite even the mundane aspects of the job at hand.
  • Don’t Over-sell Company Culture: Including a few points on company culture is important, but some companies fall into the trap of over-selling how fantastic their company is, which comes across as disingenuine. 
  • Include Salary Range, Benefits & Opportunities: Gone are the days when companies should remain tight-lipped about competitive compensation. In today’s market, job seekers want to know if the job can pay them appropriately before wasting too much time. For some people, health insurance, wellness perks, or other types of benefits are equally as important as salary or wages. Take it even a bit further and briefly discuss what types of learning, training, and growth opportunities are possible in the position available.

Let a Partner Help You Find the Right Talent

If finding the right employee for your open positions is just too much on your plate, contact Expert Staffing. They can help you update all your recruiting efforts and connect you to the top talent to help your company succeed.

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