Want a Hybrid Environment? Here is Everything You Need To Know

Want a Hybrid Environment? Here is Everything You Need To Know | Expert Staffing

Does the hybrid working environment sound like the work arrangement that fits your life and goals? You’re not alone. In fact, employees and companies alike are finding several benefits to this model. 

However, no matter how you’ve come to this decision, there are things you need to consider and implement to make it successful for your career and also enjoyable.

Here’s What You Need to Know if You Want to Work in a Hybrid Environment

But First, Know Yourself

Before you get excited about wearing pj bottoms during conference calls and eating a home-cooked lunch, be honest with yourself and your work habits. How will you do balancing your work responsibilities and any distractions at home? What costs might you have to incur to support a functioning office space? These are just a few crucial questions to ask yourself before jumping at the prospect of a hybrid work environment. If any of the answers present potential roadblocks, try to problem-solve or talk to your manager for ideas and encouragement.

4 Tips to Excel in the Hybrid Work Environment

Have a Tech Plan

Working from home may seem straightforward, but there will undoubtedly be technical issues that arise and since you’re at home, you’ve got to be your own IT guy or gal. Be sure to have a general understanding of how to address minor issues that may happen with a firewall, passwords, WI-FI, etc. At the very least, know where to go to find the answers. 

Your tech plan also needs to include backup options for internet access. Whether it’s a hot spot or a nearby library, these backup plans are relatively easy to develop and can save you a lot of angst in the event of connectivity issues. 

Be Communicative

When you’re working in a hybrid environment, catching up at the water cooler isn’t always possible. Some of your coworkers will want to reach out more often to touch base on projects (maybe on a personal level too). Your managers will also want to keep a pulse on progress. Make sure you are reachable through all platforms that your company encourages you to use. You will also want to be responsive. If an employee doesn’t communicate to their team well while working on a hybrid schedule, this option may not be around for the long term. If you’re unclear how often you need to communicate, go ahead and ask your manager to clarify their expectations.

To communicate almost without thinking about it, share your calendar. This is an easy way for your manager and coworkers to see what projects you may be working on or what meetings you may have. 

Create a Routine

A hybrid work schedule provides the opportunity to create variety in your work routine. On office days, you will have one routine, while workdays at home can have a different routine. Both types of routines will be created to capitalize on productivity. Consider what types of responsibilities and tasks are better done in your office and try to schedule those on the days when you’re there. Other projects may be easier to do while working at home. When you plan your routine, you can share it on your calendar, helping your team and supervisor understand how you’re maximizing your schedule to be productive.

Schedule Breaks, Too

A healthy work environment includes breaks, too. Every manager knows that a productive employee is one who also takes a healthy break. Whether you take a walk for lunch or run a quick errand, take your usual breaks that were allowed in the traditional setup. Working at home or in the office, both settings should include a break to rejuvenate and energize you. 

There are several things to consider when beginning to work in a hybrid environment. These are just a few, but be sure that you discuss any concerns with your manager so you can enjoy the arrangement and continue to do your best work for the company. 

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