What Employees Are Looking For in Recruiters Today

What Employees Are Looking For in Recruiters Today | Expert Staffing

These days, job seekers are in the driver’s seat when it comes to finding and accepting a job offer. Since there are a lot of jobs available, workers have greater confidence and flexibility to choose a job that will meet their criteria for both the short- and long-term. 

What Do You Look For in a Recruiter?

Why You Need to Know

As a manager, either in charge of a team or working in human resources, it’s important to understand what potential hires and even current workers are looking for in their jobs. While some of the top five factors have been high priorities for years, others may be newer to the top of the list. When you can understand what motivates you, you may be able to provide better solutions to attract the right candidates and keep your current employees satisfied.

The Top 5 Factors Most Important to Employees

These things are what employees consider most important when accepting a job offer or staying at their current employer.

A Significant Increase in Income or Benefits

The cost of living is going up for every American. Workers are expecting to receive a significant increase in their income and a more comprehensive benefits package. While companies are also suffering from cost increases, it is crucial for managers to consider what costs they may be able to trim down so that they can give workers the pay they need and the benefits packages they deserve.

Greater Work-Life Balance & Better Personal Wellbeing

Regardless of whether workers are in the office, working from home, or have a hybrid schedule, everyone wants a greater work-life balance. This can help them connect with loved ones and have time to take care of themselves as well. Companies should be ready to encourage a healthy work-life balance, understanding that a workforce that is healthy and not nearing burnout is a much more successful team.

The Ability to Thrive

Workers want to work at a job where they can showcase their skills and talents. Being able to do work that they love to do, that they can excel at, is very important. They don’t want to be stuck doing something that is either too easy (and therefore, boring) or too hard (and therefore, discouraging). The best-case scenario for employees is to be able to have a job that they can thrive in, while also being able to take on new responsibilities and projects that challenge them and prepare them for growth.

Job Stability & Security

In recent years, employees have experienced great uncertainty. It’s important for them to feel a sense of job stability and security even when times are tough. A company that can adapt or pivot to stay successful even when business isn’t fantastic is definitely a place where employees want to work. In their job search process, many candidates are considering how likely a company may be able to stay successful during difficult times.

A Diverse & Inclusive Workplace

While it’s expected that companies do not discriminate during the hiring process, employees want to feel as though they are valued and accepted no matter how they define themselves. Every company can have their own company culture, their own values, and shouldn’t feel pressure to become politicized, but it is important to be welcoming and compassionate.

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