Job Searching Woes? Here’s What You Can Do To Refresh/Stay Focused In Your Search

Job Searching Woes? Here's What You Can Do To Refresh/Stay Focused In Your Search | Expert Staffing

Unfortunately, despite advances in job search platforms and methods, finding the right job can still take a long time. The process can be exhausting, discouraging, and can cause extra stress and uncertainty. This can lead many job seekers to feel as though they are stuck in a job search rut. 

How Can You Stay Focused When Job Searching?

Signs You May Be in a Job Search Rut

  • Feeling like your job search has fallen flat and that you’ve tapped out your network.
  • Unsure of which actions to take next and feeling unmotivated to perform even basic job search tasks.
  • Being in the job search mode for over three months with no interviews, no new leads, and no next steps.

A job search rut can slow the process down even more and cause the job seeker to spiral deeper into a negative mindset. 

Tips to Get Out of a Job Search Rut

To get yourself out of a job search rut, it’s important to follow these tips. You’ll regain control of your job search efforts and improve your chances of finding an exciting job opportunity that fits your career goals.


It’s crucial to regroup as soon as you can to avoid wasting any extra time. Taking a little bit of time to regroup will help you restrategize your efforts. During this important step, consider a career partner like a staffing agency, a career coach, or even a trusted friend who can help with a professional outlook. 


After regrouping and refocusing your job search strategy, now it’s time to restart your efforts. Start with your network again instead of relying on job boards. With your fresh approach, you can communicate differently to your network which may bring about exactly the information and leads that you’re looking for. 

Pause Your Resume Revisions

While it’s important to tailor your resume for the job post, over-editing your resume can be a vicious cycle. You should always have a basic resume and it can be extremely beneficial to ask a career professional or staffing agency partner to look over your resume for feedback. 

Stay Positive

The mental game during a job search is huge so it’s extremely important to stay positive. Surround yourself with positive friends, family, and coworkers when possible. Ignore negative thoughts and chatter. If you need some extra help staying positive during your refocused job search, consider working with a career coach or staffing agency that can help you.

Need a Fresh Approach to Your Job Search?

If you want a fresh approach to your job search, plus the guidance of professionals to find the right job for you, contact Expert Staffing.


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