Working With (Not Around) Tougher Employees

Working With (Not Around) Tougher Employees | Expert Staffing

As a manager, you will most definitely have an eclectic bunch of employees under your guidance. Of course, you will get your hard-working, self-motivated employees, but how do you manage the tough employees as well?

How Can You Work with Tougher Employees?

A Plan to Manage Difficult Employees

It’s not always easy to manage challenging employees, but it is possible. These steps can help you be a more confident and effective leader with all of your employees.


Before jumping into action, it’s vital to take time and evaluate the situation. This will help you gather a clear perspective as well as understand why or when these challenging employees act out or cause issues.


As you evaluate the employee, you will be spending some time observing the challenging employee at work and doing different projects. In addition to observing them firsthand, you also want to gather input from other employees who work directly with a difficult employee. This observation period is a very important time to gather all the information so you can decide how best to handle the employee. Be cautious and compassionate as you gather information from other employees so as not to sway their feedback or cause negativity.

Develop a Plan

After you evaluate and observe, it is time to decide whether you need to intervene with coaching, training, or discipline. 

Coaching is about behavior modification. Training is for developing skills and filling in the knowledge gaps that may be contributing to the problematic issues. Disciplinary action will be for immediate improvement of the employee’s behavior and must incorporate the human resources department.

This step is another crucial time so that when you do address the challenging employee, you will do it professionally and effectively.

Create a Solution

Now that you are ready to address your employee, it’s important to remember that it is best to develop a solution with your employee. It is important that the employee knows exactly why their behavior or performance is not acceptable, but it’s also necessary that you create the ultimate solution together. This will help your employee adhere to your solutions and give them a better chance at being positive and productive employees for your team.

Manage Your Employees & Lead Them to Success

For more tips on how to be the best manager for your team, no matter who you have working for you, contact Expert Staffing.

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