Dog Days of Summer? How to Keep Morale Up For Your Employees

Dog Days of Summer? How to Keep Morale Up For Your Employees | Expert Staffing

One thing that kids and adults have in common is the excitement for summer. While some industries get busier, most workers will feel the draw to relax by the pool or enjoy summer mornings or evenings with less agenda. Of course, summer vacations are also a consideration, and coming off of a vacation can be an additional hurdle to productivity. As a manager, helping your employees balance the excitement or relaxation of summer with their responsibilities at the workplace is one of your great responsibilities. 

Ways to Motivate Your Employees and Boost Productivity

Here are some ideas to motivate your employees to stay productive even during the summer months.

Celebrate Big and Small Achievements

People love recognition for their achievements. When employees go a long time without recognition but continue to tick away on their achievements, it can bring down morale and even slow down their productivity. 

To avoid this, recognize your employees’ achievements, whether they’re big or small. While some achievements may warrant a pay increase, not all recognition has to include big spending. Sending a company-wide email, a gift card to a favorite restaurant, or featuring your employee on your website are a few ideas. Some project managers have also tallied small achievements throughout the year to award their employees with a larger monetary gift.

Enjoy the Weather

Is it productive to encourage your employees to get outside? Absolutely! Invite your employees to take their lunch outside to enjoy the weather, get fresh air, and come back recharged to tackle the tasks ahead. They’ll appreciate that you understand the benefits of a sunny break and since it’s proven to help motivate, your workers should have greater productivity throughout the day.  

Constantly Engage

Whether your workers are in the office, working remotely, or on a hybrid schedule, try to touch base with your employees on a regular basis. Convenient communication through technology doesn’t replace authentic connections you make with your employees on a personal level. Asking questions, taking suggestions, and ultimately, proving to your workers that you value their hard work and expertise provides affirmation that can help motivate them throughout the summer months (and year-round).

Lead by Example

As a leader, you must keep an eye on your workers, but know that they are watching you as well. Show them a good work ethic, productive execution, attention to detail, and all the qualities you look for in their performance. 

When you lead by example, not only will you be happier with your employees’ performance, but you will be respected as well. When your employees feel as though you’re working just as hard as they are, they are motivated to continue to do their best.

Hire Fresh Talent for Your Team

If you feel like in addition to these morale boosters you need additional employees, contact Expert Staffing to find the right candidates.

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