Remote Work Will Be Around For a While. As an Employer Are You Prepared?

Remote Work Will Be Around For a While. As an Employer Are You Prepared? | Expert Staffing

For nearly a decade, workers have been wanting some flexibility and freedom in their schedules to work from home in addition to the office. The COVID pandemic basically forced millions of workers to operate in a home office, and now, about a year after the drama and concerns have subsided, employers and employees are unsure of the best setting for success.

Is Your Organization Prepared for Remote Workers?

The Pull to Come Back to the Office

There is a significant amount of arguments for managers to bring their teams back into the office. Collaboration and culture are major points to their arguments, as well as productivity. Over the last two years, productivity has been harder to understand and can lead to worse trends like micromanagement, which only negatively impacts employee satisfaction.

With the Taste of Remote Space, Workers Want to Stay Put

Even though some workers may thrive in a collaborative environment, or maybe their home is just not the best setting, many workers are enjoying this new work-from-home setup and don’t want to return to the office.

How to Make it Work

As a manager, you will have to come up with a solution that keeps employees satisfied and also drives the company in the right direction for short- and long-term success. Here are some things to consider:

  • Adhere to State & Federal Compliances: Each state has compliances and codes for businesses for wages and reimbursements. Brush up on what should be reimbursed to support the work-from-home environment so you understand your responsibilities. 
  • Set Clear Expectations: A manager who sets expectations for their employees – both remote or in-office – is one who will deal with less issues. Be sure your employees understand their performance goals, your expectations on work hours, and communication platforms to use for different projects, updates, or conversations.
  • Trust Your Employees: If you have set clear expectations, have been thorough in your communication, then it is time to step back and resist the temptation to micromanage. Just because you cannot see your employees in a common office, doesn’t mean they are not doing their jobs. Trust that they are fulfilling their responsibilities and only step in to help when it’s necessary. Giving your employees room to make mistakes or to succeed will only build a more confident team, no matter where their work is done. 

Find Employees that Will Thrive in the Remote Work Setting for Your Company

If you need help finding workers you can trust with working remotely and thriving in this unique setting, contact Expert Staffing.

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