Recognizing Employee Accomplishments

Recognizing Employee Accomplishments | Expert Staffing

An important role of company leadership is motivating employees to do their very best. One way to do this, which is often overlooked, is to recognize your employees when they make both small and large accomplishments. While you want to stay away from “participation awards,” praise and recognition help boost company culture and even contribute to a more productive company overall.

The Benefits of Recognizing Employees

It’s a natural human trait to want to feel appreciated in the workplace and to feel as though you’re adding value or serving a purpose. This is precisely what employee recognition accomplishes. Here are clear benefits of recognizing employees:

1. Employees feel their hard work is valued at the company:

This leads to greater job satisfaction and also productivity.

2. They feel their work is truly contributing to the company’s overall success

This motivates them to continue to do their best.

3. A positive snowball effect takes place

 When employees see their coworkers being recognized for a good performance, they are more likely to do better at their own work in an effort to also be recognized.

4. The office becomes a place that breeds teamwork and cohesion

More people are working toward the common goal of greater company success.

5. Morale stays positive

Employees are less likely to complain or get distracted with little inconveniences that happen in the workplace.

6. Employees become more passionate and engaged

Employees are more engaged in their work and more loyal to the company.

Positive Impact for Everyone

As you can see from the list of benefits above, when managers and senior leadership recognize their employees for a job well done, it not only has a positive impact on the individual employee, but the entire company as a whole. As a manager or supervisor, you should feel encouraged to put in the extra (yet minimal) effort to recognize your employees. It’s one of the simplest things you can do to boost morale, productivity, job performance, company success, and employee retention.

A Few Ideas for Employee Recognition

Here are just a few ideas for how you can recognize your employees and create the positive and cohesive office culture you’re looking for. 

  • Buy lunch. A simple gesture like a catered lunch after your team surpasses a goal or finishes a project is a fun way to celebrate and show appreciation.
  • Announcement. Shout praises for your employees and their accomplishments with a company email and even a post on social media. Tagging your employees will help them feel extra special as all their friends or connections will see their accomplishments as well. To keep from making this feel like “spam,” it might be better to do this once a week or once a month instead of on a daily basis.
  • Company swag. If you keep some swag in stock, these can be fun and affordable ways to give your employees a little gift to recognize their accomplishments. Keep the gifts fun and useful, like a stainless steel travel cup, performance tech T-shirt, a travel charger, or a hoodie.

More Guidance on Employee Hiring and Management

If you’re in need of some help implementing employee recognition procedures or other managerial programs at your company, contact Expert Staffing.

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