What Should You ACTUALLY Bring to an Interview?

What Should You ACTUALLY Bring to an Interview? | Expert Staffing

Preparing for your interview is just as important as crafting your resume. This meeting will be a major deciding factor to whether or not you get the job. Such an important milestone in the job searching process is exactly why you do your best to be well prepared. 

Most interview preparation revolves around researching the company, practicing interview questions and responses, and even making sure your clothing is pressed for the big day. But you also need to be sure you bring the right stuff to your interview to help it go off smoothly.

You Should Bring These 4 Things to Your Job Interview

When packing your bag for your interview, make sure you are prepared with these four things.

Copies of Your Resume

Throughout the interview, you may want to use your resume as a reference or even as a way to remember key points in your experience or job history. It’s also a good thing to hand out to your interviewers. Be sure you print and bring a copy for yourself and one for each of the people you are interviewing.

Pen & Notepad

Note-taking is also key during your interview. You may get a lot of information in a short amount of time, making it hard to remember these key details. Be sure to bring along a notepad and something to write with. If you’re thinking that you can just jot notes on your resume copies – don’t. A notepad shows an element of professionalism and preparedness.


You will also want to bring a list of references to your job interview. At a minimum, try to have three reliable references. Be sure to notify and ask your references for their permission to include them on your list. This will help them be prepared to talk about their experience working with you. Keep in mind that if you don’t provide references, some interviewers will end the interview process, while others might go on LinkedIn to find their own for you, so it’s very important to provide a list for them.


Lastly, be sure you go to the interview prepared with questions for your interviewer. These questions can be company-based, related to the position, or even regarding the company’s culture. Asking questions shows that you are interested in this job and taking the opportunity seriously.

But, Be Sure You Leave These Behind

Now that you have your list of what to bring, here’s a list of what NOT to bring.

Your Beverage of Choice

If you travel with a coffee, protein shake, or extra large water bottle, leave it in your car. If you are hired, your coworkers can see what your favorite beverage is, but it’s not necessary to show this side of you now. While there’s nothing wrong with a coffee lover’s habit or a nutritional shake to compliment a healthy lifestyle, you want to keep the focus on your passion for the position and your qualifications.

Strong Scents

If you enjoy wearing perfume, cologne, or rubbing on an essential oil blend, edit the amount the day of your interview. As someone who wears your scent all the time, you have gone “nose blind” so a little will go a long way to someone you meet for the first time. You won’t know if your added sprays will cause irritation to the interviewers or someone in the office.

Your Phone

OK, you can bring it. But before even exiting your car, silence it or shut it off completely. The last thing you want is for it to make a noise or interruption during your interview. Even being preoccupied with it while waiting for your interview to start is a “no.” Looking at your phone can send the message that you may be distracted instead of focusing on what’s a priority. If you’re waiting for your interview to start, consider scribbling down notes, looking over the job description again, or taking some mental notes about what you see about the company culture while waiting. 

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