How to Turn Around a Bad Interview

How to Turn Around a Bad Interview | Expert Staffing

Everyone has had an interview that just…stunk. Interviews are such a stressful event that a number of mishaps can easily happen. Whether you can’t find the words you want to say or you get caught rambling with no point in sight, no matter how badly your interview is going, don’t worry – you can still turn it around. 

It’s All About the Turn-Around

Sure, everyone wants to have an interview experience that makes them feel like they just hit a grand slam. Don’t get frustrated if you start to feel your interview sliding downhill. Instead, understand that how you demonstrate your turn-around can actually speak volumes about your resolve, tenacity, and determination – all great qualities that a hiring manager looks for in a worker with potential.

4 Tips to Turn Around a Bad Interview

Recover with Rephrasing

An easy mishap in an interview is you find yourself rambling without a point to a question. The worst part is that you very well could have prepared for that exact question but your mind and words didn’t align. This happens and it doesn’t have to become a problem. Recover your answer by a genuine attempt to rephrase. Something as simple as, “What I mean to say is…” can save your answer. Then shake it off and get ready for the next one!

Ask Questions to Liven Up the Conversation

Sometimes, you may find yourself in a dull interview. This isn’t necessarily your fault, but you can take the opportunity to ask questions and liven up the interview. During your interview preparation, you should create a list of questions to ask. These could pertain to daily responsibilities, growth opportunities, company culture, or performance goals. If you find the conversation getting dull, ask one of your questions to revive the interview.

Over- or Under-qualified? Defend Your Why

If you are over- or under-qualified for a position, the interviewer will most certainly bring that up in the interview. Don’t get uncomfortable. Instead, know how to defend your experience for what it is.

If you’re over-qualified, you may find yourself interviewing for a position because you want a career change or because you’re passionate about the company. No matter what your reasoning is, be sure to frame it in a positive light. 

If you’re underqualified, don’t worry. Let the interviewer know that you understand what experience they’re looking for but communicate why you’re still a great fit. Make it clear that you believe you’re the right fit, and you’re definitely not there to waste their time. Maybe it’s because this is your dream job, or maybe it’s because you’re a quick learner. Again, your positivity will make a difference. 

Show Your Passion

Last but not least, communicate your passion for the industry or interest in the position. Skills and experience are absolutely important, but don’t forget to speak to something invaluable – and that is the fire that you bring to work that you’re passionate about. After all, passion will be what keeps you working past normal hours to solve a problem, and it will motivate you when times are tough. Companies need more passionate workers who are willing to go the extra mile, and they should know if you’re willing to do that.

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