Brain Breaks – Why Everyone Needs Them

Brain Breaks - Why Everyone Needs Them | Expert Staffing

Everyone is busy. Work is busy. Unfortunately, being too busy at work can take an emotional toll, and even a personal toll on your life. When it comes to workplace productivity, always feeling busy and bogged down can actually decrease your productivity, morale and could potentially cause burnout.

Even though there’s little you can do to decrease the amount of work or responsibilities you may have at your job, you can take back control of your productivity and well being. 

Brain Breaks Can Give You Much More Than Just a “Break”

You may have heard the term, “brain break” when it relates to children in the classroom, but people of all ages benefit in many ways from taking frequent, small breaks throughout their work. 

How can you take frequent breaks and still get your work done? Your daily tasks will ultimately determine when it makes sense to take a break, but some research suggests that workers should take a break every 25-90 minutes, depending on their jobs and responsibilities.

What is NOT a brain Break

In the last several years, when workers take a break, even when they’re swamped at work, they only go to a different screen – their smartphone. Workers don’t get the same benefit of taking a break from work when they only go to their phones to consume even more information, whether it be in the form of videos, social media, or news articles.

Here are Just a Few Reasons Why Brain Breaks Are So Important

They Can Help You Process Information

Taking a break from your work, whether you are fighting an idea block or you just finished a task, can actually help you process information. When you’re able to step away, your mind turns off its focus, and it can wander – if only a little bit – to help you solve a problem or think about information differently.

You’ll Get a Sense of the Bigger Idea

In a similar vein, when you let your brain wander away from work for a bit, you may get a better sense of the bigger picture, which can help you find solutions. This can also be true for helping you reassess your own goals and priorities, which can help you refocus.

A Creative Spark May Occur

When you never take a break, you’ll become physically and mentally exhausted. Being mentally exhausted reduces your ability to be creative, to problem-solve, or even to be open-minded in certain situations. Taking a break can help recharge your cognitive abilities and help you come back to work fresh.

You Can Fit in More Healthy Habits

One of the best ways to take a brain break is to go for a walk. Going outdoors for this brisk walk is even better if you can do that. Taking a brisk walk wakes up your body and your mind thanks to the increase in blood circulation throughout your body. By allowing yourself small walking breaks in your work day, you’ll also increase your activity levels which contributes to overall health and well-being. Best of all, all the previous benefits can be achieved on your walk, so you don’t have to sacrifice those perks on your stroll. 

Ultimately, by adding a few brain breaks into your day, you can do a lot for yourself and be even more productive in your work as well.

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