Why You Should Fail. And Fail Fast

Why You Should Fail. And Fail Fast | Expert Staffing

It’s not comfortable to fail at small tasks or big tasks. In fact, some failures can take the wind from your sails. While it’s normal to feel a bit of a setback when you encounter failure, it’s important to shift your mindset.

In reality, failures (both in and outside of the workplace) can lead to great growth opportunities and success.

Why is Failing Important For You to Be Successful?

Risks Can Lead to Failure But Also Success

When you leave your comfort zone, maybe in the form of offering to take extra responsibility on a project, you take risks. Oftentimes, when you take risks, you may encounter some stumbles. What is important to remember is that each stumble, fall, or face-plant failure is an opportunity to learn something new and become a better employee or person. 

There are Several Ways Failure Makes You Better

You’ll Find a New Route

Failures can feel like you’re hitting a wall or a dead end. However, it’s better to view a failure as a detour that brings you to a new route or a better solution. As you will see when you continue reading, any type of failure can provide several avenues for growth and success. Whether it’s gaining new knowledge, nurturing a growth mindset, resetting your focus, and more, failures are a gift for your professional growth goals. 

You Will Gain New Knowledge

More often than not, failures often lead to a valuable learning experience. Whether you learn a new way to approach a task, you learn about an unknown roadblock, or you learn a faster way to attack a problem. 

You’ll Get Thicker Skin

When you encounter a setback in any realm of life, it can hurt. When it happens in the workplace, it can feel embarrassing and some employees may shut down in moments of failure. However, setbacks and failures can actually help you grow a thicker skin and build resilience. These two qualities can contribute to an employee’s ability to rise above missteps and failures to ultimately become a strong team player and leader.

You Can Reset Your Focus

Setbacks have a unique ability to reset your focus. They force you to take a step back, consider alternate possibilities and this is a great skill that carries over into other projects. With a reset of your focus after a failure, you can look into the details of your project or your work, which you may have missed the first time around.

You Encourage Mental & Emotional Growth

When you try new things, take risks, and entertain new ideas, you will develop a stronger emotional resilience and mindset. The more that you get accustomed to exploration, the less fear you will have failures because you can understand the opportunities for growth.

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