4 Ways Managers Can Become Better Leaders

4 Ways Managers Can Become Better Leaders | Expert Staffing

Whether you’re just beginning your stint as a manager or you’ve been doing it for years, it’s important to understand how to rise above the title of a manager and embody the traits that can make you an inspirational leader.

How Can a Manager Become a Better Leader?

What a Leader Does First

If you’re just beginning your role as a manager, or if you’re ready to refresh your team’s cohesion, you should consider these steps:

  • Create Team Connections: Every team is stronger and more cohesive when they feel connected to each other. Holding a meeting to get to know everyone and let everyone get to know you and each other is worth your time. 
  • Set Recurring One-on-One Meetings: Every good leader keeps a pulse on how their employees are handling their workload. From understanding issues to answering questions, providing feedback and giving praise, there are so many topics that you may cover in a one-on-one meeting. Set these recurring meetings for weekly or monthly.
  • Align Team & Company Goals: As a manager, you’re in charge of leading your team to success. While you have your own goals, they should align with overarching company objectives. An inspiring leader will communicate to the team how their goals support the company, adding value and greater perspective to everyone’s work.
  • Set Benchmarks: Everyone understands, especially a good leader, that to achieve goals, smaller benchmarks are crucial. Not only do benchmarks break up a large goal to be more achievable, but they also provide checkpoints to evaluate progress.
  • Be Transparent: Employees should be able to trust their manager and that is a major quality of any good leader. Be open and honest from day one and each day afterwards so your team knows that you have their best interests in mind and that they can trust you.

What a Leader Should Do to Strive Forward

Leadership is a journey, and a true leader never feels like they’ve mastered their role. Even when they are successful, or when their team is doing a bang-up job, a leader is looking for ways to improve. Some ways that a leader will continue their growth is:

  • Participate in Management Training: While most companies will do some type of management training, if you feel like you want more, it’s not a bad idea to look into other training options. You can consider looking into webinars, reading a leadership book, or attending a local seminar.
  • Utilize Microlearning Methods: When there’s a lot of training information, microlearning breaks up the material into smaller, more digestible chunks so you can begin implementing what you learn right away.
  • Work with Mentors: Every strong leader has a mentor who has guided them. It might be your own manager, but maybe it’s someone from a previous position. No matter who you might have as your mentor, don’t be afraid to reach out to them for guidance or questions you might have. They could help you find training programs or help you resolve any issues you might have.

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