4 Things to Consider Before Switching Jobs

4 Things to Consider Before Switching Jobs | Expert Staffing

Whether you’re feeling burnt out, stressed, are bored with your job, or are simply curious, getting the itch for a new job isn’t uncommon. Some people are truly looking for long-term change, while others enjoy the fresh start of a new job. Regardless of what camp you might fall in, making a job switch is an important decision in any industry and should be carefully considered.

4 Common Reasons to Switch Jobs in 2022-2023

Switching jobs has become even more common in the last few years. With so many platforms that post open jobs, it’s easy to see opportunities, even if you’re already working. The old belief that it’s better to stay at a job for at least a few years to show company loyalty is officially gone. Many experts agree that an employee should at least stay at a job for at least a year, but job switches are definitely more prevalent these days. 

Here are a few top reasons to change jobs:

  • Salary or wages
  • Benefits
  • Work flexibility, including remote capabilities
  • Unsatisfactory leadership

4 Reasons to Stay

  • You Haven’t Been at the Job Long: Every new job will take time to get settled; every new company, time to get comfortable in; every new batch of coworkers, time to get to know. If you tend to job-hop, you’ll never be satisfied with where you are and it won’t do your resume any favors. Be sure to give yourself time to achieve performance goals and boost your resume. Even if it’s not the end-all of your career, you should stay for at least a while and make your best efforts to thrive.
  • You Don’t Have a Plan: If you don’t have a plan for your career, that’s one thing to consider. While it’s not possible to have every step of your journey mapped out, you should have some professional goals. These will help you make the most of each job opportunity. You also don’t want to switch jobs if you don’t have a plan because then you may end up in the exact same place you are now: unsure of whether you should stay or switch. Take some time to make professional goals for yourself so you can make the most of your job.
  • You’re Letting Emotions Drive: Whether you just had a bad day at work, or you feel envious of a friend who has a killer job, don’t let your emotions drive your decisions. Take a step back and truly think rationally about your current sitution. Honestly answer whether you’re putting forth your best effort but still not making headway at work. If you discover that you have room to improve, do that first. Show your team and boss your best work. If nothing else, it will help boost up your resume before pursuing something else.

4 Reasons to Switch

  • You Haven’t Been Interested in a Long Time: When you try, but just can’t get interested in your work, it can definitely become a chore. If you’ve honestly put forth your best efforts to be motivated and productive, but you feel drained no matter what, then you should consider something that will be more exciting. Maybe you need a challenge, or maybe a new industry.
  • You Need More Money: While asking for a raise may be warranted, you may find that your company just doesn’t have the ability to give you the money you need to maintain your lifestyle. If other companies would support it and they will still help you achieve your professional goals, it may be a good time to seek other opportunities.
  • There is No Path for Growth: Finding yourself in a job that leads to nowhere is definitely an unmotivating experience. While it may have taken you some time to get to the place where you’re ready for a new challenge and more responsibilities, once you find yourself in that position, it’s time to consider a new job. You may find that transferring to a different department within the same company is what you want, or you may decide to find a new company altogether. Either way, if you’re ready to advance, go for it. 
  • You Cannot Align with Company Values: Nowadays, companies are very vocal for their values and the causes they support. While it’s an important skill to work and get along with people who are different than you, if a company’s values are completely against your moral being, it’s probably best for you to find a new opportunity. Working at a company that makes you feel uncomfortable can lead to a lot of emotional distress which could also end up hurting your professional aspirations. If you decide it’s best to move on, do so respectfully.

Faith vs. Fear

Any job change is an important decision. It can be a stressful transition, even if it’s something that you’re excited about. While it’s important to be calculated in making your job switch, it shouldn’t be something that is inhibited by fear or something that rides on faith alone. Taking into consideration these factors can help you make a choice that makes you excited about your career.

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