5 Tips To Start The New Year Off Right With Your Team

5 Tips To Start The New Year Off Right With Your Team | Expert Staffing

The New Year brings a nice “reset button” for many people. Whether they are refocusing on healthy habits, feeling rejuvenated in their professional aspirations, or making goals for better financial freedom, New Year’s resolutions tend to play an important role for many. 

As people from all ranks may set resolutions and goals for the new year, a manager should consider how this pivotal time of year can benefit their team. From cohesion to procedures, the New Year can start off right with these simple tips and ideas.

How You and Your Team Can Start the New Year Off with a Bang

Ask Questions

Before getting together with the entire team, consider these questions on your own first. The answers you come up with can help the entire company move in the right direction as well as help you find ways to improve operations in your team.

  • What went well last year?
  • What didn’t go so well last year?
  • What was surprising?
  • How did each team member do?
  • How well did you recognize the achievements of your team members?
  • What do you wish you would have done differently?

Even though you will probably have a formal evaluation from your own boss at some point throughout the year, the beginning of a new year can be a great time to reflect on your own leadership as well. Starting the New Year off on a fresh note after some reflection can be well received by your team and could potentially produce many benefits for your team and the company as a whole. 

Conduct a SWOT Analysis with Your Team

While working with your team, conduct a SWOT analysis. Doing this as a team allows your team to provide feedback and possibly shed some light on strengths you never considered. Their perspectives can be invaluable and this exercise can also build morale while producing meaningful insights into the team’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. 

This analysis should help guide your actions year-round so that you and your team can utilize the strengths and opportunities for greater success and address the weaknesses and threats for a more productive year. 

Address Necessary Changes

You may discover some necessary changes from your SWOT analysis, or these changes might be separate from the team exercises. Either way, make a plan to address any changes that need to be made on your team. Changes may consist of editing processes and procedures to be more effective, increasing employee performance meetings, creating more culture for your employees, or reconsidering routines that are wasting company time or resources. This is a great time of year to evaluate and reflect on just about anything. From there, you can work to address changes in a manageable way that isn’t draining to you or the team but will enhance productivity and morale in an approachable manner.

Establish Goals

If you haven’t already, the New Year is an opportune time to establish your goals for the team as a whole, and also for each member of your brigade. These goals obviously fit into the greater picture of success for the company, yet as you break them down, they should follow the SMART goal guidelines. Your goal for your team, and the goals for each member, should be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-based. Goals that follow these guidelines are more likely to produce positive results.

Tackle Housekeeping Tasks 

Throughout your reflection on the New Year, you may also find that there is a long list of smaller tasks that need your attention. As you begin to get back into the swing of things and create meaningful change on your team, consider devoting a small section of your day to tackling these tasks.

  • Identify training and continuing education opportunities for your team
  • Map out plans for employee promotions in the next year
  • Identify ways to reduce costs
  • Consider times and ways to connect with important partners/customers
  • Identify new business opportunities

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