Common Misconceptions Of Working With A Staffing Agency

Common Misconceptions Of Working With A Staffing Agency | Expert Staffing

If you’ve never worked with a recruiter to find a job, you may be weary thanks to rumors and myths that easily spread. While uncommon events may indeed happen, it’s important to recognize that those are exceptions and not the rule.

When you trust the recruiting process and relationship, you will find that working with a recruiter can help you find the perfect position to advance in your career.

Misconceptions of Working with a Staffing Agency

Recruiters are Unresponsive and Rude

Ouch. A recruiter’s job is to help match workers with open positions. They are driven by the success and longevity of these matches so to think that all recruiters will treat a job seeker rude is unfair. To avoid a bad experience, do your homework and find a reputable company. 

They are Expensive

Not all recruiters are expensive. In fact, some are free for job seekers since recruiters make their money from partnering employers. This is another reason to do your homework and find a recruiting service that makes sense for your budget and your goals. Even if you have to pay some money, the benefits may outweigh the cost of investment.

Staffing Agencies are Only for Temp and Part-Time Positions

This is one of the longest-lasting misconceptions in circulation. Staffing agencies can absolutely find positions for those looking for temporary work and part-time positions, but they also have full-time positions of all levels. No matter what type of work and schedule you’re looking for, a staffing agency can help you find the position to fit your goals and lifestyle.

How to Make it Count 

When it comes to working with a staffing agency and recruiters, it’s important to leave behind the myths and understand the truths. You will get out of the relationship what you put into it. When you can be clear in your expectations with a staffing agency, they can help you better. Be sure to communicate and be responsive. It’s also important to remember that every relationship matters, especially ones that you create with a staffing agency.

Let a Staffing Agency Help You Find the Right Job

Put aside the misconceptions and let Expert Staffing help you find the right job for your career goals.

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