Does Resume Design Really Matter?

Does Resume Design Really Matter? | Expert Staffing

”There used to be a time when applicants tried to stand out from the candidate pool by using cool designs for their resumes, full of personality and quirky layouts. Well, if you don’t feel like you have that creative gene, don’t worry. Those fancy designs and layouts can actually hinder the chance a recruiter will notice your resume. 

In today’s world, most companies are using some type of recruiting software that helps them find the best candidates to consider for their open positions. Fancy layouts without order can be missed by the software systems, meaning all of that effort you put into crafting a beautiful resume not only went unnoticed but hurt your chances of getting a job.

To create an eye-catching resume (for both humans and software systems) simple order, streamlined fonts, and clear sections should be your focus. 

How to Design Your Resume to Be Noticed 

These are a few considerations to create a beautiful, clean resume that will communicate your potential and get noticed by hiring managers.

Use Clean Fonts

You are more than welcome to use different fonts in your resume, but be sure they are categorized and clean. For example, Times New Roman, Arial, Tahoma, Garamond, and others like these are recommended. They are crisp and easy to read.

If you want to distinguish headings or subheadings, enlarge the text slightly and utilize font formatting like underlining, bold, or italics.

Format with Clear Headings

A good resume has clear headings to create separation. This makes it easy for a hiring manager to read. Headings should be formatted with special font styles, like bold, italics, underlining, or even larger size. 

When you’re working on your resume and its formatting with headings, you can always take a step back from the screen or squint to see if you can easily distinguish the separation between sections.

Consider Bullet Points

When it comes to reading a resume, you don’t want to have wall-to-wall text. Recruiters don’t want to read a novel. They need to quickly glance at a resume, and their eyes will focus on content that is easy to read. When discussing responsibilities at previous jobs, it’s helpful to use bullet points to make it easier for recruiters to read quickly. 

*Resume Tip: Don’t forget that using keywords from the job description is another key strategy to getting noticed by recruiters and their hiring systems.*

Looking for a Promising Job Opportunity?

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