Avoid Making These 5 Mistakes In Your Next Interview

Avoid Making These 5 Mistakes in Your Next Interview - Expert Staffing

If you’ve been job searching recently, you understand that landing an interview is a fantastic accomplishment in the quest to find a job. It can take weeks or months of applying to jobs to get chosen for an interview finally.

In the excitement of being asked to schedule an interview, it’s important to remember that others got that same request. Make that interview appointment on your calendar; then it’s time to prepare.

Prepare for Your Interview & Avoid These Mistakes

You’ve landed an interview, but so have others. Stand out for the right reasons and make a lasting impression by avoiding these mistakes, so you’re more likely to get the job offer after the interview.

Don’t Appear to Be Uninterested

Demonstrate your interest in the company during your interview. To do this, know and understand the job description of the position you’re applying to. During your preparation, you should come up with insightful questions that can help you better understand the position and its role in the big picture.

Don’t Stumble on Standard Job Interview Questions

Take time to research standard questions so you can consider how to answer them. When it’s a natural fit, you can bring stories and examples from your work experience and accomplishments from your resume to answer the questions.

Don’t Overshare

Yes, you need to share enough information to thoroughly answer their questions, make a connection, and be yourself. That said, it’s essential to stay within bounds and not overshare. Not every interview question should be answered with a long-winded example or answer.

Showcasing your natural charisma and personality is not a bad thing. Companies are looking to hire qualified workers and those that will fit into their culture; however, you shouldn’t share everything about yourself in the interview.

An easy tip to help keep your oversharing in check is to answer their questions with a few sentences, then take a breath. If they need more details, they’ll ask.

Don’t Forget the Details

Researching the company, practicing your elevator pitch, and considering potential questions, are all critical steps in your interview preparation. But don’t forget the details for the day of the interview.

  • Be sure you have professional attire picked out.
  • Know where you’re going and how long it will take to get there. (If your interview is virtual, be sure that your computer has all the technical requirements and setup done already.)
  • Have extra copies of your resume and other materials ready to pass out to at least five people.

Don’t Fail to Follow-Up

Phew! You (hopefully) aced the interview and are feeling confident. Don’t forget to send a thank-you email to the interviewers within an hour after leaving the interview. Express your appreciation for their time and your willingness to answer any questions they may have going forward.

Just Remember, We All Make Mistakes

It’s important to remember that a perfect interview, without even one mistake, is highly unlikely. You may stumble on words, check your notes more than once, or forget to ask that one question you really wanted to ask. Regroup and move on without skipping a beat. Your interviewer understands (and appreciates) that you’re human.

Find a Job You’re Excited About

If you need help finding a job that you’re qualified for or one that makes you excited, contact Expert Staffing.

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