Reduce Turnover By Recognizing Your Employees

Reduce Turnover By Recognizing Your Employees - Expert Staffing

Showing appreciation for your employees is one of the best ways to motivate them and help them feel valued. Showing appreciation doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult, but unfortunately, many employees feel that their managers don’t express their appreciation enough. 

How to Recognize Employees and Reduce Turnover

The Consequences of Not Expressing Appreciation

When a manager doesn’t express their appreciation to their employees or recognize their successes, they may be causing harm to the team. Here are some negative consequences from not recognizing employee success:

  • Decrease in morale and motivation
  • Lackluster effort and performance
  • Increase in employee turnover

Thankfully, showing your employees that you value them and their work doesn’t have to cost much money or even time. Moreover, expressing appreciation to your employees can also help you feel enthusiastic and motivated. 

Shout-Out in 1-1, All-Team, or All-Company Email

Calling out an employee’s efforts or achievements in an email is an easy way to show recognition. You may choose to point out a specific job well done, or you can choose from these phrases:

  • Having you on the team makes a huge difference. 
  • You always find a way to get it done—and done well!
  • Wow! Just when I thought your work couldn’t get any better!

It also goes a long way to recognize your employees when they excel in the regular day-to-day tasks. Simple phrases that you probably think but may not say, like these:

  • Thank you for being so flexible.
  • You are always so quick to show initiative.
  • Thanks for always being willing to lend a hand.

Treat Employee (or Team) to Lunch

Another simple way to show appreciation to your employees is to treat them to lunch. You may take out one employee who exceeded expectations or reward the whole team for successfully completing a difficult project. While this is simple and perhaps a fleeting gesture, the connections that you build are invaluable. This reward provides a nice break from the normal day-to-day and can build morale.

Invest in Their Future

One of the best ways to recognize an employee’s efforts is to encourage and show your faith in them by investing in their future. Reward their hard work with a PTO day so they can attend a professional seminar or offer to pay for a continuing education course or license partially. Not only will your employee feel valued, but you will also allow them to improve themselves and bring those skills back into the work environment to continue thriving.

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