7 In-Demand Light Industrial Jobs

7 In-Demand Light Industrial Jobs - Expert Staffing

Manufacturing companies are looking for skilled workers. There’s a considerable skills gap in the light industrial field. While some companies need pick-and-packers or those who require less formal training, other positions require a bit more skill and experience. 

Take Advantage of the Demand

Thanks to the skills gap in the manufacturing industry, there are several promising opportunities for job seekers in the light industrial field. 

Laborers & Movers

One position that is regularly in demand is a hand laborer and material mover. Moving boxes and shipments from “Point A to Point B” is necessary. Almost every industry has openings for this position, and it is reliable work that is important for the overall function of society. 

Machine Operators 

Entry-level operators typically make $32-$40k a year to start. You can incur raises by adding years of experience and specializations, even while remaining in the same ranking position. You can also take advantage of further growth opportunities and become a senior-level machine operator, which is a highly sought-after position.

Welders, Cutters, Solderers & Brazers

Trained workers in these positions will use hand-held or remotely controlled equipment to join or cut metal parts. These are specialized trades, so if you have the skill for them, you could have quite a few opportunities to consider. 


As another specialized trade, those with woodworking skills and experience could have a few job prospects. In this role, you may build various products like cabinets or furniture made from wood, veneer, and laminates. In today’s world, a woodworking pro combines different materials into the wood while ensuring everything meets the proper standards.

Mechanical Engineers

A mechanical engineer will research, design, develop, and test mechanical and thermal sensors and devices in this technical role. These can range from tools to engines and machines. A mechanical engineer will analyze problems to see how their devices might help solve a particular problem. They are highly trained, making the median salary close to $90,000.

Food & Tobacco Processing Workers

In this job, a processor will operate machinery that mixes, cooks, or processes ingredients for food and tobacco products. Setting up the machines, loading the machines, mixing ingredients according to the recipe, performing batch tests, and weighing products are all possible responsibilities of a food and tobacco processing worker. 

Industrial Production Manager

In this critical role, you would oversee the operations of manufacturing plants. This is an important position in various industries, so you may be able to find this position at a facility you have a keen interest in as well. A production manager adheres to safety standards, monitors productivity, sticks to a projected timeline and budget, and ensures that the final product is up to pre-determined criteria. 

Skills that Will Get You Noticed

When looking for jobs in the light industrial field, it’s essential to understand today’s manufacturing. Some jobs will require a technology background. Here are some specific tech skills that manufacturers are looking for:

  • Vehicle operating experience
  • Traditional production skills
  • Computer automation skills
  • Familiarity with good manufacturing practices (GMP)
  • Industrial design
  • Lean and Six Sigma

Find a Job that is Right for Your Skills

If you’re looking for a job that fits your skills and goals, contact Expert Staffing.

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