Exploring Staffing Agency Recruitment vs. In-House Hiring

Exploring Staffing Agency Recruitment vs. In-House Hiring - Expert Staffing

There’s a lot to consider when you’re looking for new talent to add to your company. New hires impact your team’s productivity, morale, culture, and overall company success. No pressure, right? 

Thankfully you can consider using a staffing agency to recruit or hire in-house. After understanding both options, you can choose what makes the most sense for your organization. 

Comparing Staffing Agencies to In-House Recruiting

What is a Staffing Agency?

A staffing agency is a company that does the recruiting and hiring for another company. They develop candidate databases and match those candidates to available positions at their partner companies. Staffing agencies can work with several companies simultaneously and may specialize in specific industries.

Some industries may include:

  • Healthcare
  • Executive staffing
  • Marketing
  • Information technology
  • Veterans

What is In-House Hiring?

When hiring is done in-house, an employee of the company is responsible for the recruiting and hiring processes. They use input from company managers and upper management to fill various positions across the company. Then they will source, consider, and communicate with the candidates to find the proper fit for the company.

How are Staffing Agencies and In-House Recruiters Alike?

There are a few similarities between these two methods of hiring. 


The daily responsibilities of both are similar. They can include writing job descriptions, conducting screening calls for applicants, scheduling interviews, providing status reports to company managers and staff, etc. 

Sourcing Applicants

No matter the hiring method, both parties utilize a variety of channels to find the best candidates to consider for the company’s needs. These may include social media, job posting sites, and other companies. 

Technology & Software

Both in-house and staffing agency recruiters can implement technology and software systems to organize their efforts. This help keep track of applicant statuses, communicate with candidates, hiring processes, and maintain a candidate database.

How are They Different?

Here are a few ways in-house hiring and staffing agencies are different.

Sense of Urgency

Staffing agencies are motivated to fill positions for companies promptly. They work with candidates daily, plus their immense database of candidates provides a wealth of potential fits for open positions. 

On the other hand, in-house recruiters often have a long process to find the right candidate. They will often have an in-depth strategy that takes more time. Since part of their strategy may require input from other employees at the company, that can add to the turnaround time.


In-house recruiters are professionals in recruiting and hiring. They know the ins and outs of the company, its values, and the types of personalities that will fit with the culture. However, they may not understand the technical ins and outs of each position they need to hire. 

Conversely, since staffing agencies specialize in specific industries and positions, they have a great depth of knowledge about skills and requirements. This means they may not require much back-and-forth with hiring managers and instead get straight to finding the best fit for the job description.

Which Should You Choose?

The best way to determine which recruiting method is best for the company, it’s best to consider the needs of the company. For specialized roles, a staffing agency can be a great fit. For a position that is all about company relations, an in-house recruiter might be able to determine the company needs better. 

Find the Right Talent for Your Company

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