Are You Getting the Most Out of Your Job References?

Trust is an interesting thing. Since occupational fraud costs businesses nearly $4 trillion per year, it’s not surprising that business owners are picky about where they place their trust. Even if your prospective employer is impressed by your resume and interview skills, they will find it hard to trust you until they get a second… Read More »

Try These 3 Tips for Better Onboarding of Your New Hires

Surveys indicate that, on average, employers spend over 50 days and $4,000 finding each new employee. After sinking so many resources into a new hire, it’s understandable you want to see a rapid return on your investment. If you’re interested in making your onboarding process faster and more effective, these tips will help you get… Read More »

5 Ways to Dress Your Best for an Interview

You get exactly one chance to make a good impression at a job interview. Though they say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, your “cover” is all your interviewer has to go by. Whether fair or unfair, you’ll be unemployed if you don’t make a good first impression. As more and more successful… Read More »

Workplace Safety Trends for 2018

Despite advancements in many aspects of the business world, safety remains a key concern. In fact, the incidence of workplace fatalities is higher than it has been in nearly a decade. Fortunately, industry experts are hard at work identifying the best ways to decrease the number of workplace injuries and safety concerns. Since no business… Read More »

Common Interview Questions to Expect in Your RN Interview

Are you going to apply for a job soon? Even though registered nurses are in high demand, you shouldn’t assume you’ve got the interview in the bag. Hiring managers have good reason to be picky about what nurses they hire, and you can expect them to be well prepared with some tough questions. If you… Read More »

Tips on Writing the Best Skills-Based Resume

When you are crafting your resume, you want it to show you are the ideal candidate for the position. While this can be simple if you have recently worked in a related job or field, those looking to make a change or who have recently graduated from college may find a traditional reverse chronological resume… Read More »

Need Help Hiring? Try These 4 Hiring Hacks

Are your most desirable candidates being snatched up by other companies? Many businesses are finding their traditional hiring process is no longer delivering great results. If your current hiring strategy isn’t working anymore, it’s time to shake things up. These four hiring hacks should give your business the boost it needs. Top 4 Hiring Hacks… Read More »

Staying Organized as a Patient Service Specialist

Whether you work in a hospital, a clinic or other healthcare setting, life as a patient service specialist isn’t easy. In addition to your technical duties, your face-to-face interactions with frustrated patients can add extra complications to your day. Do you struggle to stay organized? If so, here are a few tips to help you… Read More »

What to Do About Unsafe Work Conditions

In the United States, there are nearly three million workplace accidents every year. Since industrial and manufacturing workers are particularly at risk, it’s natural to be concerned about your safety? Have you noticed unsafe work conditions at your workplace? The solution isn’t always straightforward. Here’s what you need to do to protect yourself and your… Read More »

How to Make Temporary Employees Feel at Home

Despite their crucial role in most American businesses, temporary employees are often treated like disposable cogs. To be fair, it can be hard to develop a personal relationship with employees who will only be around for a short time. Even so, their professional value shouldn’t be underestimated. If you want to boost productivity and get… Read More »