Are Flexible Hours Plausible in the Industrial Field?

Over the last decade, flexible hours have become a huge workplace trend in many businesses. But is it possible to develop flexible hours for industrial workers?   Many manufacturing and production firms are creating flexible hours for their employees. It helps, though, to understand a distinction between industrial jobs and other types of work in which… Read More »

Are You Keeping Your Unconscious Biases In Mind When Hiring?

Unconscious biases can affect every aspect of the hiring process. The fact is, we all may have perceptions of people based on certain characteristics, such as gender, age, race and ethnicity, and even whether they are differently-abled or not. These perceptions can have nothing to do with their potential job performance.   You may think, for… Read More »

Is Your Company Buckling Down on Safety?

Safety is a key consideration in workplaces across the country. Whether you are managing an office, a warehouse, or a manufacturing plant, you need to enforce safety standards and safety precautions. Approximately 5,147 people died because of workplace injuries in 2017, and many more were injured.   Workplace injuries can range from bruises in a slip and fall to… Read More »

How to Draw in Passive Job Seekers

If the resumes you’re getting during a job search don’t reflect either the quality or skills you were hoping to see, it may be a sign you need to tap the passive job seeker pool. People who are looking for jobs actively are active job seekers. People who are not looking, but would be interested if… Read More »

Quick Tips to Improve Your Company’s Culture

A vibrant and positive company culture can be a huge asset to a business. Many top leaders feel it is a large factor in company success overall. Why? Because a company culture that can excite employees about working for a company, and make them feel appreciated, can foster good morale, strong teamwork and high job satisfaction. As… Read More »

How to Ensure Your Temporary Employees Feel Part of the Team

Temporary employees are a growing part of the U.S. workforce. In fact, estimates are that by next year, roughly 40% of workers will be contingent – temps, freelancers, and independent contractors. If you use temps at all, it’s crucial to treat them as part of your team at work. If you don’t, the temps you… Read More »

Important Qualities to Look for When Hiring LPNs

Licensed practical nurses (LPNs) are important providers of hands-on patient care and crucial links in the chain of healthcare teams. If you’re looking to hire LPNs, you’ll review their credentials, qualifications and experience. But, as in any caring profession, it’s important to look for personal qualities that can separate excellent LPNs from so-so providers. Here… Read More »

How to Attract the Best Talent for Light Industrial Positions

Attracting high-quality talent to the light industrial workforce isn’t easy, especially in a tight job market like the one we are seeing today. Turnover can be high, so even if good workers walk in the door, they may walk out of the door sooner than you’d like. Even if you’re using temporary workers, it may… Read More »

How Can You Help Your Team Focus This Summer?

Summer is a beautiful time of year. But it’s beauty can make it hard for your team to focus at work. The weather beckons. Children are out of school. Let’s face it, even adults keep the school-age focus on summer as a “different” time of year: one that’s more leisurely, with plenty of time for… Read More »

How Can Your Business Hire for Higher-Level Positions (And Save Time While Doing It)?

What happens when your organization needs to recruit for a higher-level position? Whether it’s for a C-suite executive, a director or a team leader, hiring at upper levels of your company can present challenges if not approached in the right way – especially if your human resources staff is used to recruiting for entry –… Read More »