5 Tips To Start The New Year Off Right With Your Team

5 Tips To Start The New Year Off Right With Your Team | Expert Staffing

The New Year brings a nice “reset button” for many people. Whether they are refocusing on healthy habits, feeling rejuvenated in their professional aspirations, or making goals for better financial freedom, New Year’s resolutions tend to play an important role for many.  As people from all ranks may set resolutions and goals for the new… Read More »

Why You Should Implement Employee Walk Breaks Throughout the Workday

Why You Should Implement Employee Walk Breaks Throughout the Workday | Expert Staffing

Three years ago, the American workforce was already facing a health crisis in the office: sitting at your desk for too long. Add the pandemic pushing more office jobs into remote jobs and that crisis has only gotten worse.  No longer do employees have the easy motivation to get up from work to go to… Read More »

Recruitment Tips to Hire Pickers and Packers

Recruitment Tips to Hire Pickers and Packers | Pirate Staffing

Is there ever a season when you can take a break from recruiting? Even if it’s not a top priority or urgent need, a manager should keep recruiting efforts going in the background so they don’t have to scramble when the need arises. 3 Ways to Recruit Skilled Pickers & Packers As a manager who’s… Read More »

Wearing Several Hats Due to Employee Turnover?

Wearing Several Hats Due to Employee Turnover? | Expert Staffing

If you’ve recently lost an employee, you know what it’s like to have an increase in workload. As a manager, it’s helpful if you take on some of the work so the rest of your employees don’t absorb it all and get demotivated or stressed out. Unfortunately, while you have your normal responsibilities and priorities,… Read More »

Instead of Resolutions, Set New Year Goals For Your Team

The start of a new year is a common time for individuals to set New Year’s resolutions, but it’s also a good time to revisit or revamp goals for your team. More than just a tradition to mark a new year, the best way to take advantage of setting new goals for your team is… Read More »

What to Expect from the Recruiting Landscape Headed into 2022

The last two years have brought a unique set of hiring challenges across the nation (even the globe). What is more certain now than ever is that companies need to focus on what works for them while working within the uncertain and tumultuous recruiting field. Whether your business is struggling to keep workers, learning how… Read More »

How Many Chances Should You Give an Employee Before Termination?

For many managers, terminating an employee is the least favorite responsibility of the job. Despite anyone’s strong hand at management, knowing that you have to let someone go from their livelihood is a tough task. Nonetheless, that comes with a job. Even more important than having that tough conversation is the ability to discern whether… Read More »

3 Reasons Your Employees Aren’t Showing Up to Work

Did you know that not every PTO day is taken because of being sick or taking vacation? Unfortunately, employees sometimes use their PTO just to get a break from the workplace. While this isn’t considered unhealthy behavior if it’s a rare occurrence, managers should begin problem-solving if this is happening often. 3 Reasons Why Your… Read More »

Best Interview Questions to Ask Manufacturing Candidates

When you have an open position in manufacturing, it can be a highly competitive interviewing process. It’s a great problem to have a position with so much qualified interest, but it can be a challenge to determine which candidate is the best fit for your company. Prepare yourself for the interviews to find your best… Read More »

Is Your Company Adapting to the Changing Market?

The job market has seen quite a few fluctuations in the last couple of years, and one of the biggest concerns for managers is how to find the best job candidates, no matter the market and economy. To attract the right candidates, companies must stay competitive. But what does that mean? Here are a few… Read More »