First Warehouse Job? Here are Some Tips to Help You Succeed

First Warehouse Job? Here are Some Tips to Help You Succeed | Expert Staffing

Starting a new job in a warehouse? Congratulations! Most new hires will feel a sense of relief as they accept their new job. Just because you may feel relieved, doesn’t mean you’re not a little unsure of what to expect. Here are a few tips to help your new job start off smoothly. 5 Tips… Read More »

5 Ways to Start Saving Your Money

Saving your money is one of the best things you can do financially. Everybody needs a savings account for a rainy day – in fact, most advisors counsel that your emergency savings should equal 3 to 6 months’ worth of salary. Why? Because life is full of unexpected expenses. A car repair, a job loss, or… Read More »

Reasons You Should Keep Your Resume Fresh

Know what one of the perils of having a long-term job is? Having an outdated resume. If you’ve been working in the same place for several years, your resume may not even show your current job – it could be from your last job search, which means it has your previous employer as the most… Read More »

How to Attract the Best Talent for Light Industrial Positions

Attracting high-quality talent to the light industrial workforce isn’t easy, especially in a tight job market like the one we are seeing today. Turnover can be high, so even if good workers walk in the door, they may walk out of the door sooner than you’d like. Even if you’re using temporary workers, it may… Read More »

6 Safety Guidelines All Warehouse Employees Should Know

Working in a warehouse can be dangerous. In fact, the warehouse industry as a whole has one of the highest fatality rates of any industry.  The key to working safely is to know the rules, regulations and guidelines that have been established for safety, and follow them. It’s part of being a good warehouse employee.… Read More »

Need Help Hiring? Try These 4 Hiring Hacks

Are your most desirable candidates being snatched up by other companies? Many businesses are finding their traditional hiring process is no longer delivering great results. If your current hiring strategy isn’t working anymore, it’s time to shake things up. These four hiring hacks should give your business the boost it needs. Top 4 Hiring Hacks… Read More »

Helpful tips for success at your interview

Our team here at Expert Staffing wants you to be prepared when you land the job interview. We know how hard you have been looking and we have been successful in matching you with the right employer based on your needs and qualifications. Now you have the interview and it’s time to put your best… Read More »