The Hiring Challenge: Timing is Everything

The Hiring Challenge: Timing is Everything - Expert Staffing

During a job search, it’s often the candidates who feel more urgent to wrap up the search and receive the job offer. That makes sense, however, as an employer, you should also feel a sense of urgency to find the best candidate.  Why You Need to Fill the Role Even though employers may take longer… Read More »

Exploring Staffing Agency Recruitment vs. In-House Hiring

Exploring Staffing Agency Recruitment vs. In-House Hiring - Expert Staffing

There’s a lot to consider when you’re looking for new talent to add to your company. New hires impact your team’s productivity, morale, culture, and overall company success. No pressure, right?  Thankfully you can consider using a staffing agency to recruit or hire in-house. After understanding both options, you can choose what makes the most… Read More »

How Staffing Agencies Can Support DEI Initiatives

How Staffing Agencies Can Support DEI Initiatives - Expert Staffing

In recent years, companies are becoming much more aware of how they operate regarding diversity and inclusion. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) have come to the forefront of priorities for many companies.  While this is good news for everyone to excel at DEI initiatives, it means more than just representation in the workforce. It’s about… Read More »

Recruiting Red Flags Candidates Don’t Like To See

Recruiting Red Flags Candidates Don't Like to See - Expert Staffing

It’s a competitive job market out there. While employers are beginning to regain some control after a couple of years, including the pandemic and the subsequent “Great Resignation,” they must be intentional in all their hiring practices to attract the best talent for their open positions. Unfortunately, there are a few red flags that a… Read More »

What Makes A Great Hiring Selection Committee?

What Makes a Great Hiring Selection Committee - Expert Staffing

Finding the right candidates to hire for your open positions is crucial. Good hires are more likely to contribute to positive morale in addition to the bottom line and are also more likely to stay for a longer duration, reducing employee turnover. These benefits also keep costs in check, which nearly every company values. Can… Read More »

Deadlines: Some Good Practices For Project Management

Deadlines: Some Good Practices For Project Management | Expert Staffing

Every industry works with deadlines. Some industries have better processes to deliver on deadlines successfully, and even more, some companies have a greater handle on project management best practices that help them execute any deadline with a look of ease. Meeting deadlines with quality work isn’t just about expecting your team to “get it done.”… Read More »

Still Struggling to Find Candidates Despite High Unemployment Rate?

The last 18 months have been difficult for everyone to navigate. Managers and human resources personnel have had to re-imagine processes and procedures, in addition to hiring practices. Now, even though much of the country has opened up, millions of Americans are not working. However, even with high unemployment rates, some managers are still struggling… Read More »

What are Some of the Emerging Manufacturing Trends to Look Out For

Technological advances have permeated into every industry, especially manufacturing. Over the years, technology has made manufacturing a truly exciting industry, and the emerging trends prove it is still a compelling work sector. 3 Manufacturing Trends to Get Excited About While there is a lot of development in technologies in the manufacturing industry, these three are… Read More »

How Social Media is Now Playing a Large Role in Recruitment

There’s no doubt that social media has shaped much of how the world socializes, does businesses, and even recruits employees. Hiring managers and recruiters always need to dig deeper and do further screening to find the best candidate for the open position. Social media is perfect for this task.  3 Reasons Social Media is Important… Read More »

Avoid Ageism When Hiring

Ageism in hiring can be all too real. Many older workers, for example, report that they feel pushed out of jobs once they reach the age of 50 or older. Yet surveys have shown that older workers perform equally better or better than younger employees. Not only that, but people in their 50s, 60s, and older are often… Read More »