Are Remote Workers Wanting to Go Back into the Office?

Now that a large chunk of the population has experienced working remotely due to the COVID-19 crisis, will more people be wanting that choice full time? Or are people wanting to go back to a traditional office setting?  It’s an essential question for managers to think about as more workplaces open up going forward. Some of the answers might be dictated by your… Read More »

Time to Re-Evaluate Your Company’s 2020 Goals

As we enter June, companies are approaching the half-way point of the year. That’s a great point at which to re-evaluate your company’s yearly goals. But where do companies start? How do you re-evaluate and then get back on track if you fell off?  Define the goals to re-evaluate. The first step is to define… Read More »

3 Tips to Work Your Way Into a Management Position

Ready for your first management position? You need to actively strategize ways of getting there. Your boss and upper management may think of you specifically in your current role, not in another one. So what can you do to gain an advantage and move up in the company? Utilize these three steps.  Think like a manager – and show you do.… Read More »

What Is the Value in Creating a Safe Workplace?

Ever wonder why safety in the workplace has to be created and maintained? At times, it may seem like the costs in terms of time, equipment, education, and maintenance activities might outweigh the benefits. Believe us; they don’t.   Here are four ways that a safe workplace adds value to an organization.  Improving Morale The fact is, no employee wants to feel… Read More »

How to Spot a Bad Hire Before It’s Too Late

When keeping productivity high means the difference between a thriving business and failure, every hire you make is critical. In fact, the consequences of making a bad hire go far beyond what you might think. A single bad hire can cost your company thousands of dollars (if not much more), and the drop in morale… Read More »

3 Signs You’re Ready to Grow Your Warehouse Staff

At the core of every great business is an efficient warehouse. In every industry, the ability to smoothly and quickly transport supplies and merchandise is crucial to success. Recently, the online retailer Amazon spent nearly $1 Billion bringing robotic automation into their warehouses. What do they know that smaller businesses are ignoring? If your warehouse… Read More »