Common Misconceptions Of Working With A Staffing Agency

Common Misconceptions Of Working With A Staffing Agency | Expert Staffing

If you’ve never worked with a recruiter to find a job, you may be weary thanks to rumors and myths that easily spread. While uncommon events may indeed happen, it’s important to recognize that those are exceptions and not the rule. When you trust the recruiting process and relationship, you will find that working with… Read More »

How to Know if You Got a Good Job Offer

How to Know if You Got a Good Job Offer | Expert Staffing

Congratulations on receiving a job offer! Now you’ll have to decide whether or not it’s the right opportunity for you. While some may say that you should accept any job opportunity and be grateful, if your financial situation can afford you otherwise, accepting the right position instead of just any position is a wise option.… Read More »

Having a Bad Week? Here are Some Tips to Get in a Better Head Space

As much as we would like to leave our personal life outside the office, it doesn’t always happen. Triggers from your personal life, or even issues going on in the office can affect your head space.  We all know the best workers are those that have a more positive frame of mind. They’re more productive… Read More »

How to Follow Up With a Recruiter Who Contacted You

Being contacted by a recruiter is exciting! A new opportunity might loom in the future. If you’ve been actively searching, it means your efforts are bearing fruit. It’s great news when a recruiter gets in touch, either about a new job or a potential interview.  But what happens when a few weeks go by, and… Read More »