5 Tips To Start The New Year Off Right With Your Team

5 Tips To Start The New Year Off Right With Your Team | Expert Staffing

The New Year brings a nice “reset button” for many people. Whether they are refocusing on healthy habits, feeling rejuvenated in their professional aspirations, or making goals for better financial freedom, New Year’s resolutions tend to play an important role for many.  As people from all ranks may set resolutions and goals for the new… Read More »

4 Ways Managers Can Become Better Leaders

4 Ways Managers Can Become Better Leaders | Expert Staffing

Whether you’re just beginning your stint as a manager or you’ve been doing it for years, it’s important to understand how to rise above the title of a manager and embody the traits that can make you an inspirational leader. How Can a Manager Become a Better Leader? What a Leader Does First If you’re… Read More »

Recognizing Employee Accomplishments

Recognizing Employee Accomplishments | Expert Staffing

An important role of company leadership is motivating employees to do their very best. One way to do this, which is often overlooked, is to recognize your employees when they make both small and large accomplishments. While you want to stay away from “participation awards,” praise and recognition help boost company culture and even contribute… Read More »

What Employees Are Looking For in Recruiters Today

What Employees Are Looking For in Recruiters Today | Expert Staffing

These days, job seekers are in the driver’s seat when it comes to finding and accepting a job offer. Since there are a lot of jobs available, workers have greater confidence and flexibility to choose a job that will meet their criteria for both the short- and long-term.  What Do You Look For in a… Read More »

Deadlines: Some Good Practices For Project Management

Deadlines: Some Good Practices For Project Management | Expert Staffing

Every industry works with deadlines. Some industries have better processes to deliver on deadlines successfully, and even more, some companies have a greater handle on project management best practices that help them execute any deadline with a look of ease. Meeting deadlines with quality work isn’t just about expecting your team to “get it done.”… Read More »

Can Your Employees Work Flexible Hours?

Can Your Employees Work Flexible Hours? | Expert Staffing

One of the biggest perks that prospective employees are looking for these days are flexible hours. The COVID-19 alterations to the traditional office and work schedule have made flexible working hours even more of a consideration.  While flexible work hours are attractive to employees perhaps more than employers, when executed well, the benefits can be… Read More »

How to Award Employees for Doing a Great Job

How to Award Employees for Doing a Great Job | Expert Staffing

Your employees work hard for you and you appreciate everything they do to make your team and company are successful. How do you show your employees that you appreciate their work? It doesn’t have to be expensive, but you need to show your employees how much you appreciate and value their efforts. 6 Easy &… Read More »

Managing a Remote Team

Managing a Remote Team | Expert Staffing

Before the Covid pandemic forced many workers to remote roles, nearly a quarter of the workforce was already successfully working virtually. Two years later, many of the positions are back to usual, but there’s still a large portion of companies and workers who have embraced the remote work environment for one reason or another.  Working… Read More »

Are They Bad Employees or Are You a Bad Manager?

The “he-said, she-said” conflict did not disappear when you were too old to get time for recess. Instead, it has either stayed the same or increased since becoming an adult and working in a group of people.  Every employee has a gripe about their boss. Every boss has a gripe about an employee. When it… Read More »

3 Reasons Your Employees Aren’t Showing Up to Work

Did you know that not every PTO day is taken because of being sick or taking vacation? Unfortunately, employees sometimes use their PTO just to get a break from the workplace. While this isn’t considered unhealthy behavior if it’s a rare occurrence, managers should begin problem-solving if this is happening often. 3 Reasons Why Your… Read More »