Why You Should Ask for the Salary You Think You Deserve

Salary discussions may well be the most fraught part of the hiring process for many job seekers. Many people may feel anxiety discussing money at all – let alone asking for a high salary. They worry that too high a salary request may get them passed over for the job.  But in fact, it‘s very important to… Read More »

How to Follow Up With a Recruiter Who Contacted You

Being contacted by a recruiter is exciting! A new opportunity might loom in the future. If you’ve been actively searching, it means your efforts are bearing fruit. It’s great news when a recruiter gets in touch, either about a new job or a potential interview.  But what happens when a few weeks go by, and… Read More »

How Long Should You Give a Job a Chance?

You’ve hunted through job postings, interviewed well, and landed the job. Congratulations! But what happens when a new job isn’t all you wanted? What happens if the first days on the job seem very different from what you discussed in the interview? Should you jump ship at the first sign of trouble?  Frankly, it’s a complicated… Read More »

How to Find a Seasonal Job FAST!

As more and more people (and businesses) move away from the 9-to-5 work setting, nontraditional schedules are becoming increasingly popular. Whether you’re looking to pick up some extra work or are simply interested in exploring your options, temporary and seasonal work are the best ways to start spreading your wings. Also, taking on a seasonal… Read More »