Are You Keeping Your Unconscious Biases In Mind When Hiring?

Unconscious biases can affect every aspect of the hiring process. The fact is, we all may have perceptions of people based on certain characteristics, such as gender, age, race and ethnicity, and even whether they are differently-abled or not. These perceptions can have nothing to do with their potential job performance.   You may think, for… Read More »

Quick Tips to Improve Your Company’s Culture

A vibrant and positive company culture can be a huge asset to a business. Many top leaders feel it is a large factor in company success overall. Why? Because a company culture that can excite employees about working for a company, and make them feel appreciated, can foster good morale, strong teamwork and high job satisfaction. As… Read More »

Top Skills Recruiters Are Looking for in Machine Operators

Machine operators are in high demand. That’s no surprise; employment levels in the United States are at record levels, which leads to many positions being in high demand. However, machine operators need specific skills. They need technical expertise Machine operators perform activities related to the production, operation, inspection, and packaging of the machines used to… Read More »

4 Ways to Scare off Great Warehouse Candidates

In a market that increasingly favors job seekers, great warehouse candidates have little reason to settle for a sub-par job offer. While poorly trained or unmotivated applicants may take what they can get, talented prospects will bolt at the earliest sign of trouble. Which type of candidate do you want to attract? If you want… Read More »

Here’s How Safety Saves Your Business Money

Your employees deserve a safe workspace. In fact, the push to create safer workplaces has dramatically reshaped the business world over the last century. What’s surprising, however, is just how powerful and far reaching the effects of safety programs can be. If you’re not already convinced workplace health and safety programs will make your business… Read More »

Poor Customer Service Is Bad for Your Business

Losing a customer for preventable reasons can be devastating to your business. Fortunately, losing customers can usually be prevented – as long as you can identify the cause. In fact, over 60 percent of consumers report they have stopped using a service because of poor customer support. Could bad customer service be the cause of… Read More »