In a perfect world, your ideal candidate would come walking in the door the minute a position opens up. In reality, the perfect candidate is still out there, you just have to go find them. Even when someone isn’t actively searching for a job, the right offer could entice them to join your team. Connecting with these passive candidates could give you the edge you need to meet your hiring goals this year. Are you ready to reach out to passive candidates in your industry? Here’s the strategy you’ll need.

Connecting with passive candidates

1.      Engage on social media

Though LinkedIn has set itself up as the official social network of the business world, today’s professionals are active on a wide range of online mediums. From Instagram to Facebook and everything in between, talented workers in your industry are connecting with each other on a personal and professional level; it’s time you got in on the conversation. Your company’s online reputation will dramatically influence how well you connect with potential candidates, and the sooner you start, the better your results will be.

2.      Focus on career growth

There’s only one factor that can tempt an otherwise happy worker into a new job: career growth. If you can’t offer your future employees something better than what they already have, investing in passive candidates is a waste of your time and resources. If you want to grab their attention, prepare a strong case for how your company will advance their career. Increased responsibilities and earning potential are the compelling factors that will make or break your case, so be sure you know exactly what you can offer before you make contact. When you do connect with your preferred candidate, be ready to wow them.

3.      Involve your employees

Since almost all of today’s workforce is active on social media, many of your preferred candidates are likely already in contact with a member of your current team. Leveraging these pre-existing networks can be much more effective than traditional marketing, as candidates are more likely to respond to a message or an offer from a colleague or friend than from an unknown hiring manager. By offering referral bonuses to your current staff, you can turn them into enthusiastic participants in your search.

4.      Connect through a recruiter

Making the above strategies work together cohesively is your top challenge, and it’s one that professional recruiters have mastered long ago. Since staffing agencies maintain long-term relationships with professionals in their industry, they know exactly who you should be looking for – and how to get their attention.

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