Recruiting Red Flags Candidates Don’t Like To See

Recruiting Red Flags Candidates Don't Like to See - Expert Staffing

It’s a competitive job market out there. While employers are beginning to regain some control after a couple of years, including the pandemic and the subsequent “Great Resignation,” they must be intentional in all their hiring practices to attract the best talent for their open positions. Unfortunately, there are a few red flags that a… Read More »

10 Common Interview Questions For Warehouse Jobs

10 Common Interview Questions for Warehouse Jobs -Expert Staffing

Throughout history, the demand for warehouse workers seems to increase steadily. Companies nationwide are searching for reliable and skilled warehouse workers who can do the job correctly so productivity can stay on track and goals are met.  While there isn’t a long list of requirements to land a warehouse job, the interview is still an… Read More »

Reduce Turnover By Recognizing Your Employees

Reduce Turnover By Recognizing Your Employees - Expert Staffing

Showing appreciation for your employees is one of the best ways to motivate them and help them feel valued. Showing appreciation doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult, but unfortunately, many employees feel that their managers don’t express their appreciation enough.  How to Recognize Employees and Reduce Turnover The Consequences of Not Expressing Appreciation When… Read More »

Avoid Making These 5 Mistakes In Your Next Interview

Avoid Making These 5 Mistakes in Your Next Interview - Expert Staffing

If you’ve been job searching recently, you understand that landing an interview is a fantastic accomplishment in the quest to find a job. It can take weeks or months of applying to jobs to get chosen for an interview finally. In the excitement of being asked to schedule an interview, it’s important to remember that… Read More »

How To Support Your Team With Burnout

How to Support Your Team with Burnout - Expert Staffing

No matter what industry you work in, burnout does not discriminate. Most workers have felt burnout at least once in their careers, and many experience it more than once. When an employee experiences burnout, it can take a considerable toll on their personal and professional lives. What Is Burnout and What Can Be Done To… Read More »

10 Warehouse Certifications To Advance Your Career

10 Warehouse Certifications to Advance Your Career - Expert Staffing

Pursuing a job in a warehouse can be a secure starting point that may also lead to a promising career – even in volatile economic times. Whether you are just beginning to consider a job in a warehouse or are already enjoying your work in one, certifications can help you determine a clear path to… Read More »

What Makes A Great Hiring Selection Committee?

What Makes a Great Hiring Selection Committee - Expert Staffing

Finding the right candidates to hire for your open positions is crucial. Good hires are more likely to contribute to positive morale in addition to the bottom line and are also more likely to stay for a longer duration, reducing employee turnover. These benefits also keep costs in check, which nearly every company values. Can… Read More »

Does Resume Design Really Matter?

Does Resume Design Really Matter? | Expert Staffing

”There used to be a time when applicants tried to stand out from the candidate pool by using cool designs for their resumes, full of personality and quirky layouts. Well, if you don’t feel like you have that creative gene, don’t worry. Those fancy designs and layouts can actually hinder the chance a recruiter will… Read More »

Why Managers Also Need Feedback

Why Managers Also Need Feedback | Expert Staffing

As a manager, you understand that your employees need constructive feedback for professional growth, confidence, and overall satisfaction at their jobs. Performance reviews and other one-on-one meetings are perfect opportunities to give your employees feedback.  On the other hand, managers can become better with feedback from their team members as well. The truth is that… Read More »

Common Misconceptions Of Working With A Staffing Agency

Common Misconceptions Of Working With A Staffing Agency | Expert Staffing

If you’ve never worked with a recruiter to find a job, you may be weary thanks to rumors and myths that easily spread. While uncommon events may indeed happen, it’s important to recognize that those are exceptions and not the rule. When you trust the recruiting process and relationship, you will find that working with… Read More »