How Effective DEI Policies Benefit Your Team

How Effective DEI Policies Benefit Your Team - Expert Staffing

For the past few years, the term “DEI” has gained popularity. This significant initiative to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment will unfortunately only remain a surface-level idea if it’s not implemented strategically.

The United States has an ever-diversifying population, yet it’s noted that there is an absence of this diversity in middle and upper management roles across several different industries. 

DEI in the Hiring Process

Since 2020, when DEI initiatives started taking shape, a lot of strides in the right direction have been made. Companies are looking to ensure that each step of the employment process has diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Three main areas to consider are:

  • Hiring Process
  • Company culture
  • Employee retention

DEI as a main consideration for companies is a step in the right direction, but now it’s time to make sure that the efforts company leaders make are intentional and strategic because this is an important matter and not just one to apply to the surface level of operations. If you’re looking to make a greater impact in your DEI program, consider these effective avenues for creating meaningful change.

Consider Skills Over Schools

One recruiting trend that has gained more traction in recent years is placing more value on an applicant’s skill level instead of their university or upper-level degree. It’s been understood more and more that a degree from a university does not equate to capable and desirable workers. Of course, a degree is meaningful, but it doesn’t have to be the main factor in the screening process. In fact, placing more weight on the skill levels of applicants opens the field up to more qualified workers and can lead to a more promising hire.

Provide Recruiters with Formal Training

Many companies might want to consider formal training for their recruiters. Since much of the DEI implications can be overlooked due to honest and unintentional ignorance, training can help recruiters see any issues in their processes and come up with solutions to create a bias-free experience from start to finish.

Create a Diverse Interview Panel

One of the best ways to add diversity to the hiring process is to form a diverse interview panel. When applicants see a panel that includes a representative similar to themselves, they can automatically feel a bit more at ease, which can create a more successful interview environment for everyone. 

A diverse panel will also help eliminate any unintended bias in addition to offering insight that might otherwise be overlooked.

Lead with DEI

For the entire company to respect DEI initiatives, the support first has to come from leaders. Be sure that upper management is “talking the talk” and “walking the walk.” If employees see diversity language without seeing leadership support the ideas, they are less likely to take it seriously. 

Poll Employees About Important Holidays

One way for companies to show that they support inclusion is to anonymously poll employees, asking for input on which holidays are important to them. After collecting results, send an email each month that recognizes the holidays celebrated among the employees at the company. 

Connect Employees to Mentors

One of the best ways to keep employees motivated about their time at a company is to connect them with mentors. These are often pairings between new employees and seasoned employees. These relationships foster professional growth and more productive work habits and encourage employees to have greater confidence in their work and potential. 

Be Transparent About Paths to Growth

One of the greatest deterrents to growth is when employees don’t understand the path to achieve it. What performance goals does an employee need to achieve before considering them for the next rank? Are there certain certifications, years of experience, or licenses required for a supervising role? 

It’s important for leaders in the company to clearly define the paths to growth for their employees. Once they determine these paths, they should talk transparently about them with all employees. This will not only create a more inclusive environment, but it might also encourage a greater work ethic as employees understand how they can progress.

Conduct Stay Interviews

Companies can conduct stay interviews geared at understanding how employees are feeling in their current role at the company. The intention is to connect on a deeper level with employees to gain insight into what’s going well and what to improve. With this information, companies can make adjustments to help their employees find greater satisfaction.

Some sample questions might include:

  • What do you like most about your job, and what would you like to see changed?
  • What are your top concerns with your team?
  • Are we helping you grow and nurture your path to a successful career at the company?
  • Do you feel you’re able to set boundaries between work and personal time?

Create a Company Culture that Supports DEI Initiatives

If you need to grow your team, contact Expert Staffing for guidance on finding the best candidates to fit the needs of your position and your cohesive company culture.

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