7 Benefits of Taking Constructive Feedback From Your Team

7 Benefits of Taking Constructive Feedback From Your Team - Expert Staffing

As a leader, you understand the importance of providing constructive feedback to your employees. You understand that it leads to improvement and innovation. While this is a top trait of great leadership, what about taking feedback from their employees? It’s necessary for improvement and innovation.  7 Benefits of Encouraging Constructive Feedback For a more in-depth… Read More »

Exploring the Diverse Roles and Opportunities Within Manufacturing

Exploring The Diverse Roles and Opportunities Within Manufacturing - Expert Staffing

The manufacturing industry has such a variety of job opportunities that sometimes, people aren’t even sure where to begin! This guide of common yet diverse roles will help job seekers understand the great opportunities in the industry. Diverse Roles in the Manufacturing Industry Quality Control Inspector Quality control inspectors are responsible for inspecting products built… Read More »

How Effective DEI Policies Benefit Your Team

How Effective DEI Policies Benefit Your Team - Expert Staffing

For the past few years, the term “DEI” has gained popularity. This significant initiative to create a more diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment will unfortunately only remain a surface-level idea if it’s not implemented strategically. The United States has an ever-diversifying population, yet it’s noted that there is an absence of this diversity in… Read More »

Don’t Keep Making These 5 Resume Mistakes

Don't Keep Making These 5 Resume Mistakes - Expert Staffing

If your job search has not progressed to the interview stage, it probably means that your resume isn’t communicating who you are and why you’re the right fit for the job.  Instead of sending out dozens more resumes to only be overlooked, take a look at common mistakes to make sure your resume doesn’t include… Read More »

Workplace Traditions That Are Driving Talent Away

Workplace Traditions That Are Driving Talent Away - Expert Staffing

When a company has been developing their office culture and company traditions over several years, it may not consider whether it’s time for a refresh or not. Unfortunately, with so many different generations coming under the same office roof, it’s important for a company to consider whether their office traditions bring employees together to feel… Read More »

When is Canceling or Rescheduling an Interview Appropriate?

Landing an interview is a major accomplishment when you’re searching for a job. So, the idea of canceling or having to reschedule might seem like the worst possible scenario. But, life happens. Kids get sick, car emergencies happen, and even technical issues can get in the way of making it to an interview.  On the… Read More »

3 Ways You Can Make Your Hiring Process More Cost Effective

Hiring costs money, there are no two ways about it. The average cost to hire in American business tops $4,000. These costs can be compounded, of course, if a poor hire is made. A person who either leaves abruptly or needs to be replaced in short order means that your company will incur these costs again.  Is… Read More »

Does GPA Matter When Applying to a Job?

When you’re in school, your grade point average (GPA) matters. It’s how teachers assess you. But does GPA matter when it comes to applying for a job? What do prospective employers think about your GPA? And, more importantly – what should you do if you’re coming out of school and don’t have the highest GPA?  … Read More »

Setting Yourself Up for Success in 2021

There’s no two ways about it: 2020 has been a bad to terrible year for many people in the U.S. Even if it hasn’t been for you personally, it’s easy to read the headlines or listen to friends and relatives and become discouraged. The economy is bad; many employers aren’t hiring.   But the key to… Read More »

This New Year Focus on Bringing the BEST Out in Your Employees

A new year brings with it new year’s resolutions – and 2021 is no exception. Make this a year in which you focus on bringing out the best in your employees. Why? Because bringing out the best in them works to your advantage and the advantage of the company. If you can help employees succeed… Read More »