Are Your Employees Looking for Flexible Hours?

Work-life balance is increasingly important to employees. As a result, flexible hours are becoming a highly sought-after benefit in workplaces. Understand the Term “Flex Hours” Flex hours can refer to several distinct ways of working. The term can mean employees...

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Is Your New Job Offer Too Good to Be True?

Whether you’re looking for a job or have a job and are being recruited for a new position, there are times when you might want to ask if your new job offer is too good to be true. Why? Well, perhaps you’re being offered a lot more money – above the range for the type...

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5 Tips for Helping Your Employees Set Career Goals

One of the primary tasks of a manager is to help their employees with their own career goals. Whether it’s making sure they are trained properly or developing a promotional path, career goals are a great way to promote engagement with you and the company and to...

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