AI vs. Human Touch: Is Your Hiring Process Missing the Mark?

AI vs. Human Touch: Is Your Hiring Process Missing the Mark? - Expert Staffing

Advancements in technology mean that the hiring process has evolved as well. AI and other software updates have made it possible for human resource professionals and recruiters to unload some of their tasks to technology. While this is an exciting opportunity for recruiting and the entire hiring process, it’s important that a balance between technology and human interaction is met.

How to Determine the AI & Human Interaction Balance

The balancing act will look different depending on your company’s size, hiring needs, and other factors. One of the best ways to determine what the balance looks like for your company is to consider the candidate’s experience. The candidate experience is paramount to hiring the best employee for the job, creating job satisfaction, and improving employee retention. Since the candidate experience has much of its life occurring in the hiring process, it’s important to get the balance right.

4 Factors to Consider When Balancing AI & Human Interaction

Customize AI Communication

One of the ways that AI can help streamline the hiring process is with automated communications. These can be extremely efficient, but they also lack any personality. Tailor your messages to include the candidate’s name and incorporate warmth into your communication. You should also consider providing an option for candidates to reach out to a real person if they have specific concerns or questions. This added option will help them feel valued.

Hard Skills & Soft Skills Assessments

AI can help recruiters with scanning for hard skills, which is often considered early on. Recruiters should also consider the soft skills and emotional intelligence of the candidates as they contribute to an employee’s success at the job and fitting within the company’s culture. Design interview questions or scenarios to assess problem-solving abilities, adaptability, teamwork, and communication skills.

Consider a Panel Interview

Adding a panel interview can help eliminate biases (including those from AI) and add more human interaction. Gathering together relevant team members and hiring managers for a panel interview allows for diverse perspectives to weigh in on the evaluation process. Be sure that each participant from your company understands the posted role and goals of the interview. They should also be prepared with info on each candidate they interview.

Facilitate Opportunities for Employee Interaction

Allowing candidates the opportunity to meet with potential colleagues during the recruitment process is a great way to add the human touch. These might include informal meetings, virtual coffee chats, or even a pre-hiring team-building exercise.

An Exciting Balancing Act

Recruiting with a human touch in the era of AI requires finding balance and harmony. When you focus on the candidate experience, many of your questions about how to create this balance will be answered. Customization of technology can help you create a valuable and authentic experience for any candidate and your internal team.

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