Staying Motivated in a Tough New England Job Market

Staying Motivated in a Tough New England Job Market - Expert Staffing

Searching for a job in a tough market can definitely get exhausting. A long job search can also bring about added stress and can contribute to a lack of motivation. While these negative developments are kind of normal in a long, exhaustive job search, you don’t have to be stuck in a rut. 

Simple strategies can help you regain your motivation so you can end up finding a job that fits your needs right now and your career goals in the future.

Strategies to Stay Motivated in a Tough New England Job Market

Think of the Big Picture

When the job search is causing fatigue and stress, it can be easy to lose sight of the big picture. Unfortunately, losing sight of the big picture could cause you to settle for a mediocre job or even quit the job search in your profession altogether. 

Instead of falling into those traps, you can remind yourself of your big-picture goals and dreams. Why are you looking for this next step? Refocusing on your purpose can help keep you motivated when your search becomes stagnant, tiring, or frustrating. 

Set Small, Realistic Goals

Unfortunately, when you’re in the thick of an uneventful job search, it can be hard to stay focused instead of nearly becoming dizzy from the many job applications and job sites. 

One way to get out of the endless cycle is to set small, realistic goals for yourself each week or month. You might decide that you want to post meaningful professional content on your social media sites twice a week. Maybe you want to attend a networking event once a month. You might also consider reaching out to one or two past connections with whom you’ve lost touch. While you won’t ask for any favors right away, rekindling an acquaintance may open doors down the road, and if nothing else, you could add more enrichment to your life.

Practice Self Care

During a stressful job search, practicing self-care is actually incredibly important. Having healthy ways to decrease your stress, like exercise or a relaxing bath, will help you come back to your job-searching tasks with greater positivity.

If you can find an outdoor activity to do each day or throughout the week, that is even better. Being outdoors is shown to reduce your stress levels and help you stay healthy. Whether you choose to walk, run, go hiking, read in the park, or take up a hobby like gardening, scheduling time for yourself to be outdoors can really help you be positive and productive during your tough job search. 

Organize Your Search

If you’ve been in the thick of a job search in this tough market, then you may feel like you’re bogged down and can hardly keep track of what jobs you’ve applied to, which resume is your most recently updated, etc. One way to feel refreshed is to organize your job-searching efforts.

You can create a spreadsheet to keep track of open positions, application statuses, and follow-up steps. Being organized can make you feel more refreshed, motivated, and capable of moving forward. 

Let the Pros Help You Find a Promising Job in a Tough Market

When you need to endure the tough job market, sometimes the best place to turn is a professional staffing agency like Expert Staffing. Contact us today to help you find a promising job for your future. 

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